Wind Skins

Unfortunate wayfarers knocked backwards by air

Gale force

Creating a tear

A small incision that slices

Open the cranium somewhat

Tearing the veil of flesh off the bones

The flesh that



Curtails true communication

Veins flapping like kite strings

Slits for eyes

Peering through jet streams with tranquil repose

Born aloft by

architects of combustion

placenta clouds sail


urine showers dampen

the moods of some and

gladden others

and for this tree

a pancreas as a new purple fruit

St. Lucy’s Day: Composed at Ewa Beach Park, Oahu, 12.13.03

Formerly tormented

The rudders of my heart

Steer me towards an inner you

Ferried by fate

The gleaming words

Bend like reeds

Suppositions of selfhood


I imagine you borne aloft and far away

It brings me grief

I imagine you borne aloft and far away

Peace escapes this shore

With every retraction of wave

What went before

In copper-colored disarray

The grains of sand

Disappear into murky hesitancy

The gasp before the scream Continue reading