Sekhmet and the Ma’at of Letting Go: Reflections on My Sekhmet Ritual at PSG 2014

Editorial Comment: I am extremely pleased that the essay you’re about to read below has been accepted for publication in Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s forthcoming anthology on the goddess Sekhmet entitled Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet. My essay is being published under my legal name and I will retain all copyrights to it. The book is being released next month; I’m so excited!


“Sekhmet and the Ma’at of Letting Go”

Just prior to leaving for the 2014 Pagan Spirit Gathering, held June 15-22 in Illinois, I had been seeing, due to its popularity among several of my friends, a recurring post on my Facebook News Feed—one that irked me.

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“Save the Environment: Commit Murder”: A Pseudo Press Release

Editorial Comment: This is my pseudo press release written for the EPA, which now promotes murder for the cause of environmental stewardship. 🙂

PRESS RELEASE: The EPA Launches New Environmental Awareness Campaign: “Save the Environment: Commit Murder!”

August 29, 2014 Washington, D.C.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new multiple-channel advertising campaign to raise public awareness of the environmental benefits of committing acts of homicide, either spontaneous or premeditated.

“Let’s get real,” says Sally Snarkey, PharmD, BSN, Chair of the Subcommittee to Promote Murder, which spearheads the campaign. “As a species, we often condescendingly refer to other animals as ‘nuisance’ ones, such as gophers in the Rockies who destroy golf courses with their incessant tunneling and flippant attitudes, but the fact of the matter is there’s no greater nuisance animal than a person. Our Earth Mother basically regards the 6+ billion of us as a bad case of fleas, and she can’t shake us off fast enough–though, with earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts, she’s valiantly trying. We just see our new policy as helping to expedite this process, and we’re asking all conscientious Americans to join in the effort.” Continue reading

“The Divine Feminine Propels Us Onward”: The Legacy of 19th-Century Romanticism for Today’s Spiritual Seekers

Editorial Note: This essay was first published in Pantheon, the official journal of Chicago’s Life Force Arts Center, a gallery and performance space dedicated to literary, performing, and visual arts rooted in spiritual expression. I retain all copyrights.


“The Divine Feminine Propels Us Onward”:

The Legacy of 19th-Century Romanticism for Today’s Spiritual Seekers

How comfortable are you in describing yourself as a creator? Do you identify as one? Why or why not? Is that term solely reserved for artists? Or parents? Or the holders of patents? Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re breathing new worlds into being on a regular basis. Performing on open mic night. Whipping up an amazing quiche, baked from scratch. Delivering a solid presentation that ends up landing new accounts for your business. Creation is our divine mandate; it’s something we’re all called to do. It’s our divine birthright as creatures made in the image of God/dess/Spirit/Ultimate Reality—whatever you want to call It, that ineffable Source of our truest, highest selves. Continue reading

Bardic Blues

A feasting hall bereft of hale and hearty revelers

A firepit whose cold gray stones stretch the space of unwelcoming

An aged harp whose oft-strummed strings stay still

Standing shadows

Silent sentries surround

This stubborn heart that deigns to beat

A witness

To the decaying trees

To hamlets leveled by disease

Somersaulting through the age

This stubborn, throbbing piece of meat Continue reading