Orgasms and Alarm Clocks

That fading phosphorescent glow

emanating from my

still-tingling clit serves as a signal

that it’s time to rest

lay low

like fallow earth

turn aside from your relentless plow


How sweet the ease

the sinking

of skin

slightly sweaty and salty

the texture so supple

of nipple so nimble

ready to quiver at the slightest circle

traced by my right index fingernail

your sparse chest hairs

like cognac amber aglow in the lamplight

yet lit from within

a proper phosphorescence

just like with my cunt

the glow of pleasure

exceeded only by the deluge of juices


desire not abated

just temporarily sated


I like this blissful fatigue between fucks


Here’s a chance for playfulness

a sudden wisecrack, perhaps

as you lie on your back with your eyes closed

the simple delight

which I take in this sight

perhaps you’ll never fully know

the breathless wonder

it draws me in close

a compulsion to snuggle

and run my fingers through your thick Caesarian curls

like mini lightning bolts (dorjes)

to accompany the thunder in your heart


and mine

though the adrenaline rush is fading

(like coasting downhill on a bicycle)

something else is swelling

as I curl up against your shoulder

and submit to the mesmeric power

of every detail of your face

every detail finely engraved

in the halls of my memory

oh how I wish I could kiss

the wee freckles beneath your

lower eyelashes

without waking you


lights out


Let us speak of significant things

hushed whispers in darkness

shared tenderness

hits me with such primal force

the wellspring of tears falls freely

another salty bodily fluid

to complement that which oozes from below

still oozes

slathering my cunt

though you know well by now I’m



desire not abated

just temporarily sated


Instinctively you reach toward me

with quivering limbs

and trusting, loving heart

My Muse of Fire, you are

so radiant a soul

so treasured a gift

luminous with love

shimmering with ferocity

yes, love, please climb on top of me

how I adore the contours of your body

between my hands

entrusted to my care

despite the shadows

I can still see the pupils of your eyes

as you look into mine while speaking

this infinite sharing propels my soul

into ecstasy

how could I possibly choose to not be with you?


Between the revelations

and inner revolutions

the fire is stoked once more, unseen


this is more


Between the levity

and the sincerity

the flames of desire leap higher


this is more than just great sex


At that stillpoint

before the relentless plow

scatters its seed into the welcoming earth


a knowingness,

a certainty

of fusion beyond belief

of perfect love as a reward for those who have

previously known grief


Young Master, take me (with you)


take me before the harsh screech of the clock

emissary of unwelcome reality

dispels the enchantment


let us linger here a little longer

cling to each other like life rafts

in this ocean of numbers and schedules


we’ll drift away on our own currents

here in this quiet room


a new day is dawning


more phosphorescence

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