Whispers of Pele: Musings on Death and Rebirth During My Hawaiian Honeymoon, 2004

Whispers of Pele


The overpowering sulfur dioxide fumes that had been our constant companion since we’d entered Volcanoes National Park had certainly affected my respiratory system by three in the afternoon, making me wheeze with each intake of air during this, our third straight hour of hiking makai (towards the sea) as we neared the end of Chain of Craters Road. Continue reading


Useless Womb

Photo (c) by my friend Jovan Radakovich, www.countrad.blogspot.com

Photo (c) by my friend Jovan Radakovich, http://www.countrad.blogspot.com


Exhaling like a dragon, slow and deliberate

Swirls of menthol-laced tobacco

Congeal and disperse amidst

Blooms of hawthorne trees

Blazing white against

The iron-gray inexorable celestial vault of dullness

A spasm Continue reading