Useless Womb

Photo (c) by my friend Jovan Radakovich,

Photo (c) by my friend Jovan Radakovich,


Exhaling like a dragon, slow and deliberate

Swirls of menthol-laced tobacco

Congeal and disperse amidst

Blooms of hawthorne trees

Blazing white against

The iron-gray inexorable celestial vault of dullness

A spasm

My uterus sheds more fragments of cervical lining

Cranberry bursts splattering

Against the retaining wall that lines my underwear

Day three of heavy bleeding

Heavy cramping

Outward displays of unwelcomeness

Scarlet droplets register



War-paint that marks me as the denizen of a hostile tribe

Daughter of Lilith,

Spurning the idea of a bassinet or

Child-proof wall electrical outlet coverings

Miniature sneakers graced with the visage of Elmo

And bile-colored pureed food from Gerber jars

The path for me is crooked, stony

But it beholds untold wonder as well as horror

The veil is pierced by harsh calls

Summons from the core

Approving eyes and ears await

Grant blessings upon the births I bestow

Repatterned brain waves

The breaths are deeper now

Crimson marks: Rejection

And courage, confidence

From the conviction that biology is not destiny


Hiss in the puddle as the discarded butt made contact


And from my heart the beat of dragon’s wings


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