Weak and bloodless

Iced skin exposing dormant fevers

Creeping along magnetic walls coated by abstract-patterned tapestries

Light-headed luminescence

Branching blue veins overlap on flow charts

And the sneers dart

Withered cuticles retreat into cubicles

At the close of mind song

Corralled at stations of limited choices

Regimented pedestrian traffic

Rhythmic ladling of last week’s gory gumbo

Eyes cast downward

Maneuver obstacle course of badge-toting bipeds

And the clocks thread

While overhead

Hushed tones of quarterly earnings dread


Drained and lifeless

Inkblots sustain the now of new speak

Collective paper jam

Highlights the sham of this force-fed paradigm

Shades of humans wend their way

Into this labyrinthine, corporate Tartarus

And down below

In the phosphorescent studio

Persephone surveys network systems of the damned

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