Dante Gabriel Rossetti's stunning Ophelia

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s stunning Ophelia

Loose between the lilypads came the drowning

Langorous descent into murky entanglements

Like liquid loam

Invading my esophagus

Battering my nasal cavity

Lungs lapping

Angelic heaviness of the sepulchral

Peat moss prayers

Performed as Fortuna’s wheel flares

An incandescent spiral staircase

I’m suspended like the Fool

Only to be elevated like the Grail woman

Tremulous trajectory the singing of the spheres

Sediment in my ears

Deleterious delights

Silky self-slaughter excludes me from ecclesiastic rites

No matter

The alchemy assures transformation unimpeded

As blackness cleaves my quim asunder

No apologies are needed

My master has his way with me and I with him


Laughter bubbles, wells up to the surface,

Caught aloft by caressing branches of willow and yew

Gurgling giggles—coming faster now!

My words—how true:

Hamlet, fuck you!

You lily-livered,


Putz of a prince,

Fuck you!

I sink like a stone

Exeunt omnes

I’m through


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