The Sevenfold Blessing: A Funerary Rite

Wooden Late Period statue of Nebet-Het in the "Inside Ancient Egypt" exhibit at the Field Museum.

Wooden Late Period statue of Nebet-Het in the “Inside Ancient Egypt” exhibit at the Field Museum.


What kind of a priestess of the goddess Nebet-Het would I be if I didn’t blog about funerary things? With Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio–soon to be joined by a stellium of planets in that Plutonian sign–there’s no more appropriate time than the present to share one funerary ritual I’ve co-facilitated more than once. For members of the same family, sadly enough. Continue reading

Bean Sidhe

By way of editorial comment: This poem of mine was published in a Pagan poetry anthology, Datura, by U.K.-based occult publisher Scarlet Imprint (2010). “Bean Sidhe” is Gaelic for literally “Woman of the Fae,” which becomes our English “banshee.” With Samhain approaching and the temperatures getting decidedly cooler and the nights longer here in Chicago, She’s a liminal figure commanding my attention these days (and nights), especially when I hear crows cawing in my local cemetery. Enjoy!

938-Banshee_4pngBean Sidhe

Hunching down beneath a willow

I use my finger to stir a pool of stars

Unquiet memories give chase

To the white hart that bounds out of the forest

Worn etchings sigh

On the loose cairns toppled on the black heath



Studding the night with rumors of forgetfulness Continue reading