It really does all boil down to this

Resuscitated courtly love

I’m the luminescent center of creation

Fixate all your longing upon me,

The unattainable ideal

Aloof and ethereal

Above and beyond you

And committed to another

Don’t flirt with your co-workers

Don’t cultivate a social life that would dare to cast me to the periphery

Of your waking consciousness

Don’t masturbate on glossy pages

Or in front of glowing phosphorescent boxes

With sideways glances I see you

But pretend you’re not there

In random encounters I’ll walk up to you

And disinterestedly wait

For you to fork over my change

I rehearse hypothetical conversation starters

(oh, nice tattoo—are you aware of the design’s

symbolic significance?)

knowing full well

we’ll never speak to each other

there’s no need


But I insist you pledge yourself to me

Catapult your devotion

Pay tribute

In miles-long scrolls of publicly-notarized

Declarations of your servitude

Seal yourself off from the charms of others

Let insomnia grip you as your wrestle with jealousy

To whom am I faithful?

Why have you been supplanted?

Let my knee-length heeled black boots

Pin you in your proper place

Prostrate adoration

While I radiate otherworldly grace

Keep your eyes riveted on me

And abandon all hope as you choke


You want me

You love me

You will all want to love me

Stinging senses form steps for me to ascend

From the real to the ideal

Bidding adieu to this world

Staking claims on meathooks


Spurn me and you’ll feel my frozen wrath

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