Sacred Crafts: Devotional Jewelry

One of the things I love to do in my spare time, especially during cold winter days when I’m feeling like a crafty domestic diva, is create ritual jewelry. I typically make necklaces out of various semiprecious gemstones beads, and these necklaces are anchored by a “statement piece” pendant. For the most part, I make these necklaces as gifts for people who are dear to me. I choose the gemstone beads carefully, thinking of the energetic properties each stone bears on its own and in combination with other stones and metals; the result is some sort of metaphysically themed piece of jewelry.

I got up pretty early yesterday morning and I found it cute that as my Bodacious Beau began to assemble his new Star Wars Rebels LEGO tie fighter kit, I would be joining him at the dining room table to make a series of necklaces. The first one: a necklace for the god Set made out of carnelian, sun stone, and unakite beads flanking a sterling silver pendant of the god’s image.

Necklace for Set

Necklace for Set

The second necklace was a gift for my sweet Dan: given his proclivities in using Tibetan phurpas in ritual, I made him a multi-stone apotropaic necklace with a stunning sterling silver phurpa pendant from Tibet. It features amethyst, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, rainbow tourmaline, citrine, and hematite. The phurpa has a remarkable bovine face below the standard three heads at the blade’s handle.

Dan's phurpa pendant

Dan’s phurpa pendant

The third was a Venusian aventurine-and-tiger’s eye prosperity necklace featuring a brass bull pendant from India. It’ll get a lot of use when the planet Venus enters the sign of Taurus a few months hence, which is always one of my favorite times of the year.

Aventurine and tiger's eye for Venus

Aventurine and tiger’s eye for Venus

Dan and I are en route to the annual Chinese New Year parade in Chicago’s Chinatown and Set wants to be a part of the action, so I’m wearing His necklace now. Hail, Suti! Have a great day, and a Happy New Year of the Wood Ram to you all! May peace, prosperity, good health, and pleasure be your lot today and throughout the year!


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