Prayer to Sedna

I am so incredibly excited! Galina Krasskova, a Heathen author and spirit worker whose work I’ve admired for years, personally contacted me today, asking me if I’d be interested in writing the prayer to accompany stunning imagery for a prayer card of the Inuit goddess Sedna! Galina has been producing Pagan prayer cards depicting various artists’ lovely renditions of Deity images from different cultural pantheons–and Sedna is up next for production! Galina informed me that her partner told her about my devotion to Sedna–my deepest thanks to you, Sannion!–and of course I immediately replied that I would be honored to compose the printed prayer (below) in honor of the Sea Woman; it’s going to be published under my legal name.

"Sedna" by the late Susan Seddon Boulet. This is not the image going on the prayer card Galina is producing; it is one of my personal favorites, however.

“Sedna” by the late Susan Seddon Boulet. This is not the image going on the prayer card Galina is producing; it is one of my personal favorites, however.

Sedna, Mother of Plenty, my thanks to You for granting me this opportunity to share my devotion! I’m so happy I’m squealing like a narwhal!


Prayer to Sedna

Sedna, I honor You

I welcome You, I give You thanks


Praise to the Sea Woman, swiftly advancing, roaring

Uinigumasuittuq the Tormented

Survivor of treachery

Your severed fingers birthed new beings

O Nerrivik, Mother of Plenty

Sustenance for The People in exchange for observing Your pittailiniq (taboos)


But when the balance is broken, O One Who Halts Harpoons in Mid-Flight,

You rightly gather up Your children

And they sigh with relief

Not being made food for fools, You shelter them in Adlivun

As our sins choke the ocean with grief


Ravenous Sedna, Bringer of Hunger, harvest my whispered prayer:

Teach me to free You from the nets that suffocate—from the paralyzing

Plastic bags of past deeds deserving of punishment

May I bring You comfort, soothe Your flippers when they ache

And disentangle Your long, black hair, thereby dissolving strands of Memory

Until all that is known is the sea


Dread Goddess Sedna, have mercy on me


Sedna, I honor You

I welcome You, I give You thanks

7 thoughts on “Prayer to Sedna

    • Thank you! And I did a happy dance in my email exchange with Galina when she informed me that one of her prayer cards slated for production in a couple of months is dedicated to Set! You definitely ought to request to write the prayer for that one! She also needs sponsors and artists willing to contribute their designs for each card. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, Mr. Marian! 🙂

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      • I’ve seen some of the other art she’s chosen, and I’m not sure my “art” really belongs in such distinguished company. (I think it’s probably way too cartoony looking for what she’s doing.) But I do appreciate your vote of confidence, and I will give your suggestion about writing a prayer much thought. Thanks again, and I hope you and your bodacious beau are well! 🙂

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      • Dooooo eeeeeeet!

        Thank you! My Danster and I are enjoying the ratcheting up of ritual intensity based on spirit activity triggered, I suspect, by the potent full moon total lunar eclipse on the 4th. Between that and my intellectual Herculean labors with prepping the Spring issue of Isis-Seshat for the printer in the coming week, my Petite Priestess Powers are being put to lotsa work! On a happy engagement-related note, just this past Friday night Dan met the majority of my coworkers at a little after-work drinkfest they organized to celebrate our good news. One gal started a discussion on online dating horrors, and she asked out of curiosity if that’s how Dan and I met. When I calmly countered with, “No, we met eight years ago the day I was initiated in the Masonic Lodge that Dan already belonged to,” you could hear the proverbial pin drop. I have a feeling I’m going to be looked at a whole new way come tomorrow!

        “I was floored by Anna as soon as she was led into the chamber,” Dan added. “When I saw her ouroboros tattoo, I thought, ‘This is a woman who knows what she’s getting into!'”

        ((Insert sight of gaping jaws here))

        “Hey man, that’s like the most awesome I-fell-in-love-with-her-from-across-the-room story ever!” shouted the party’s organizer, who was more than a little tipsy. “So like, she was blindfolded and everything? Dude, that’s *hot*!”

        “I can’t confirm or deny that,” Dan replied, wisely.

        Yeah, he met with their approval. It’s only fair since I recently met Dan’s CEO and other higher-ups from his place of employment, so our weird Wyrd is spreading far and wide into Mundania! Huzzah! 🙂


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