The Summer Issue of Isis-Seshat Magazine: A Call for Submissions

Pagan perspectives that are fit to print!

These are jolly times, friends! I’ve newly emerged from my solitary den of feverish writing and editing for the Spring issue of Isis-Seshat magazine, the quarterly journal of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis (FOI). In fact, earlier this morning before heading into the office, I stopped at my print vendor and scooped up the new hard copies of the Spring issue, which I am releasing today and tomorrow in honor of Earth Day. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it looks fabulous!

The lovely cover art of "Isis Unveiled" was generously donated by Oregon-based artist and Dark Wave Ambient musician, Amara Astrum.

The lovely cover art of “Isis Unveiled” was generously donated by Oregon-based artist and Dark Wave Ambient musician, Amara Astrum.

And now that the Spring issue is under my belt, it’s time to think about the Summer issue, and I hereby issue forth a call for submissions. While Isis-Seshat magazine is primarily aimed at FOI members worldwide, who number some 26,000 strong, I’m accepting submissions from any and every person who identifies as “Pagan” or any of its related spiritual/esoteric shades in the alternative spirituality spectrum in the West: Witch, Heathen, Spirit Worker, Shaman, Polytheist, Wiccan, Druid, (Chaos) Magician. The cool thing about being the Executive Editor of a publication is, well, making executive decisions like who you will accept contributions from!

Here’s what I’m looking for: Submissions of articles related to spiritual development; essays on one’s personal spiritual practices; news reports from FOI Lyceums and Iseums if you belong to any, including accounts of Lyceums’ or Iseums’ ritual observances for Summer Solstice; meditations; poetry; short stories; seasonally appropriate ritual food recipes; metaphysical book reviews; reflections on the Goddesses and Gods of Summer (of any pantheon, not just Kemetic Deities), and photography and artwork! Essays/articles, submitted as Word docs, can be as long as 2,000 words. If you’re including any proprietary photos, please keep them under 8 MB in file size and saved in JPEG format.

Please submit your files to me at The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 31. The Summer issue will be distributed the week of August 17.

I’m sadly not able to pay contributors but you will receive a complimentary hard copy of the magazine issue wherein your work appears.

Curious about the FOI? For starters, Isis Myrionymos, Lady of 10,000 Names, serves as the organization’s Patroness. And it saddens me to have to do this, but in these times of global political volatility I must assert that we have nothing to do with the abhorrent Middle Eastern terrorist organization whose acronym the corporate-controlled U.S. media incorrectly, and repeatedly, refers to as “ISIS.” Click here for our official statement/press release to the media on that issue.

While many FOI members are Pagan, many hail from Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy/Coptic Christianity, Reformed Judaism, Shintoism and other indigenous peoples’/First Nations’ religions. Interfaith religious dialogue has been a major FOI preoccupation since the late co-founder Rt. Rev. Lady Olivia Robertson represented goddess-worshiping religions under the auspices of the FOI at the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago. Anyone who believes in the concept of the Divine Feminine, however interpreted, is probably already in alignment with the FOI’s Manifesto.

So, fellow servants of the Muses, if you’ve got the write stuff (yes, I’m punny sometimes), whip out your writing implements of choice (Hail, Tehuti!) and send me your contributions!

Blessings in the name of Isis-Seshat, Goddess of Writing! May She always render you True of Voice!