My Upcoming Ritual Honoring Set at Chicago Pagan Pride This September

Great news! I’ve just received word from the organizers of the annual Chicago Pagan Pride celebration, which is scheduled for Sunday, September 13, in Oak Park, Illinois (a beautiful southwest Chicago suburb known for being the birthplace of one of my favorite Modernist authors, Ernest Hemingway), that my proposal to lead a workshop and ritual honoring the Great God Set has been approved! Huzzah!

Savvy readers of my blog will note that I was scheduled to lead this very workshop and devotional ritual to Set at this summer’s 35th annual Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG), but due to a surprising natural disaster (flash floods and a near-miss tornado), the location where PSG was held had to be evacuated and the festival was forced to terminate early. So I never got to sing Set’s praises (literally, as I set a lot of my devotional chants and invocations in Egyptian to song) publicly there, and I feared that I would just have to wait until next year. But then Chicago Pagan Pride was seeking presenters for workshops/rituals and…Voilá!  I co-facilitated the main ritual there two years ago, so it’s not like I’m a stranger to the organizers/attendees. But this will be my first time teaching and leading ritual solo at this particular venue.

I’m very excited! And this lovely news has good timing too, as the year in the ancient Egyptian calendar winds down to its close this week and my focus turns to tying up loose ends and planning good things for the New Year to come! Since Chicago Pagan Pride takes place five days after my birthday, the celebratory mood will be a wonderful and most auspicious way to ring in the new year and the first month (named Thoth!) in the season of inundation (Akhet). I welcome the flow of abundance in all its forms into my life!

So here’s where the workshop presenters are listed on Chicago Pagan Pride’s homepage and when you’ll scroll down, you’ll see the photo of me with my dear Sethian companion, a sweet American Alligator named Nessie. (She’s not my pet, alas, but I’m thrilled to be good friends with her caretaker and thus have privileged access. W00t!). Should your mid-September travels bring you into Chi-Town, I’d love to have the opportunity to welcome you to Chicago Pagan Pride and perhaps kick back a draught of chili pepper-flavored mead (oh yes, believe it!) with you in Set’s honor! Dua Sutekh!

Now to let the Pagan Pride organizers know that my talk and ritual are definitely not going to be kid-friendly. I cuss like a sailor when I lecture (the legacy of having actually been married to a sailor, you see) and Set’s altar will perhaps feature a choice dildo or two… [insert cocked eyebrows and sly grin here]

Set by Janice Duke

I smell a tattoo idea! “Set” by Janice Duke

My heartfelt response is to joyously offer words of prayer to this Great God; join me, won’t you?

Hail to Thee, O Set, Son of Nut,

Great of Strength in the boat of Millions of Years!

In the bow of the ship of Ra,

Thou God of the Red Lands,

Whose was-sceptre may slay or protect the Ennead,

I invoke Thee, Set-Nubti!

Adversarial Neter who commands the darkness and the light!

I invoke Thee, Who alone controls the tumult of the storm

Whose might is greater than all Neteru,

The male gods and the female gods of the mountains and the rivers and the land of Kemet,

Of the heavens, the soil, the great sea, the wind,

O Typhon,

Lend unto me Thy sekhem,

That my total will be done.

Anet Hra Neter Hen Set Ankh-Ba (Homage to Thee, Neter Set, Eternal Soul)

Djed-Ankh (Everlasting Life)!

6 thoughts on “My Upcoming Ritual Honoring Set at Chicago Pagan Pride This September

    • Hi, Brian! Nessie’s behavior is strikingly dog-like. She knows her name and trots towards you when you call her and clap–she’ll follow you around if you walk away, and when you sit down she “boops” you with her snout as a signal that she expects to be petted. Alligators have special sensory receptors underneath their powerful jaws, and that’s where she most enjoys getting her “rubbies.” She likes snuggling up to your mid-section too, as the photo at the top of my blog’s page/header shows. She is an amazing ambassador of healing energy, ancestral wisdom, and pure love; I’ve watched the incredible array of spontaneous healing experiences she brings to adults when they meet her and realize they can touch her. People invariably burst into tears and resolve deep-seated traumas. The wisdom of the reptilian brain in action. With children–and her caretaker is renowned for the wetlands conservation school programs he involves Nessie in–she has an instant, natural rapport. Nessie served as the nexus of healing energies during a powerful ceremony friends and I conducted a couple of years ago to bless the waters of Lake Michigan. I adore her! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wonderful to hear that. She reminds me, a bit, then, of Tommy the tortoise, my boyhood pet. He loved to be stroked beneath the chin. There’s so much prejudice against reptile-persons!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I bet Tommy was an awesome little companion! Yes, there is a great deal of prejudice against our reptilian relations, and I’m glad that my friend Richard and Miss Nessie are changing minds and hearts, one person at a time!


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