Prayer to La Santa Muerte to Increase Good Fortune

It’s Monday, it’s the 25-year anniversary of my only sibling’s death, and thus La Santa Muerte is very much on my mind. Her shrine in my bedroom is overflowing with flowers, candies, bolilo rolls, lit candles, and shot glasses filled with tequila and other cordials.

La Niña Blanca, Mí Flaquíta! My grin mirrors Hers when I pray.

La Niña Blanca, Mí Flaquíta! My grin mirrors Hers when I pray.

The following is a prayer in English to La Santísima to increase one’s good fortune. Note the nature of the offerings–and if you promise to Her that you will plant trees (for which the potted flowers at the altar are a temporary substitute), you had better do so! You will need incense (jasmine is traditional), a literal handful of home turf (soil surrounding your house), a chalice of water (I like to give Her spring water), and potted yellow flowers–at this time of year, mums make an excellent choice and are readily available. Place these aforementioned items in a basket that can lie at the foot of Her shrine. Additionally, adorn Her shrine with sweets, dollar bills, and yellow 7-day glass candles with La Santa Muerte’s image imprinted on them. These are available at most botanicas and occult/metaphysical shops. Here in Chicago, I go to Athenian Candle Co. and Alchemy Arts Bookstore, both of which sell online as well. 

Make the sign of the cross, then pray:

I lean my body towards You, my Holy Lady.

I bring You water and yellow flowers,

incense, and the earth from my home.

Please allow, with Your enlightened thoughts,

the world to twist and turn the keys of luck and fortune

in such a way that they will open my pathways to meet them favorably.

May my heartfelt words reach Your ears.

May all that You see arrayed before You please You.

These flames stay lit by faith.

Cut, with Your strength, the bitter ties in my life.

Niña Blanca, to show my appreciation,

I will plant trees in forests in Your Name,

and Your altar will be suffused with incense.

For now, I place this basket at Your feet

to offer to Your Merciful Being,

these fruits to attract Your good will toward me.

[Pray the “Our Father” three times, then conclude with the Prayer to the Holy Death:]

Immaculate Being of Light, I implore that You grant me these favors that I ask of You.

Until the last day, hour, and second when Your Divine Majesty orders me to come to Your feet,

Dear Death of My Heart,

Do not ever leave me unprotected.


Love that grin!

Love that grin!

6 thoughts on “Prayer to La Santa Muerte to Increase Good Fortune

      • Hi, Tonya. My now-husband bought my La Santa Muerte Roja statue for me in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a store called Masks y Mas. Here in Chicago, where we live, there are many botanica shops catering to practitioners of Latin American and African Traditional Religions; lots of La Santa Muerte statues can be found. I would search for a botanica in your area. Many don’t advertise online, so it’s best to explore neighborhoods with a rich Mexican heritage on your own. Good luck!


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