Novena to La Santa Muerte: Day 3

I dreamt of La Santa Muerte again last night, the second time this week (the first being Monday night). It’s pretty obvious to me that She’s keen on my devotion to Her and these dreams are cosmic green lights/Her bony “thumbs up” signals in response to my petitions in my prayers as well as signs of encouragement for me to deepen my devotion to Her. With a profoundly grateful heart, I humbly offer to my blog readers (a huge shout-out of Welkom! to all my new Dutch readers, by the way!) the prayers to be said on Day 3 of the Novena to La Santa Muerte.


Remember the three-day white candles I mentioned in the first post of this series? Today, a Thursday, should be the day that you light the second of your three candles; if at all possible, transfer, using a stick of incense or the head of a match, the flame from the first candle before it expires to the second one. As you do so, say:

“Flame to flame, the purity of my intentions is ignited.”

If the first candle has already burned out, don’t worry about it. Dress the second candle with any essential oils or herbs that would correspond with your intentions. Light your incense first–again, copal is traditional. See to it that you’ve changed out the clear glass of water on Her shrine with fresh water. Add another cookie or sweet treat as an offering too. How are the flowers you’ve offered on Monday faring? I like to trim the stems and change out the water in the vase on the third day of the Novena. Overall, ensure that everything is fresh and aesthetically pleasing: The Skinny Girl loves to have altars set up in Her honor tidy and pretty!

My beautiful and newly consecrated statue representing La Santa Muerte Verde, the Santísima of Justice and Legal Affairs.

My beautiful and newly consecrated Mexican-made statue representing La Santa Muerte Verde, the Santísima of Justice and Legal Affairs. [Singing:] “She’s got the whole world in Her hands!”

As you have on both previous days of the Novena, when you’re ready to begin, make the Sign of the Cross and say the Prayer of the Holy Death:


Lord, before Your Divine Presence,

God Almighty,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

I ask for Your permission to invoke the Holy Death.

Oh, Pretty Girl! Hermosa Niña Blanca!

I want to humbly ask that You break and destroy all spells and darkness that may present themselves

before my person, in my home, and on my path.

Holy Death, please relieve me of all oppression, poverty, and despair.

I ask that You please grant me_________.

Enlighten, with Your Holy Presence, my home, my workplace, and the environments of my loved ones.

Award us health, love, prosperity, and well-being.

Blessed and praised be Your charity, Holy Death.

Lord, I give you infinite thanks because I see Your charity.

The challenges I face every day are perfecting my spirit.

La Santísima, I give You thanks because in the midst of these challenges

I always have Your Holy Blessing.


The main prayer of the Novena continues the energetic thread of “control and command” magic begun on day two. There’s a very interesting magical correlation made (this is the essence of sympathetic magic) between a Jesus Christ Who was “defeated” on the Cross (I have a lot of Christian friends who would dispute that vehemently!) and either one’s mortal enemy or the errant/noncommital romantic partner whom the petitioner desires to see equally “defeated.” If you’re praying to subdue an enemy, it would be best to address this prayer to La Santa Muerte Negra, Patroness of Magical Defense and Offense. However, La Santa Muerte Roja is the Bony Lady Who oversees affairs of the heart, so if your aim is to bring back an errant lover, that petition would best be addressed to Her.

At any rate, as my curandera friend has apprised me, here’s the prayer for day three of the Novena (again, having an understanding of or appreciation for the Roman Catholic cultural matrix in which these prayers were formulated is helpful):

Our Savior, Jesus Christ,

On the Cross You were defeated.

I now ask, via the intercession of The Most Holy Death,

That [NAME] will be defeated and brought low at my feet,

In the Name of the Lord!

If (s)/he is as a wild animal, (s)/he will become tame as sheep,

As pliable as the flower petals of rosemary. 

Bring her/him to me thus.

Dear Death of my heart,

I earnestly petition you to slice open the heart of [NAME] with Your scythe.

I am all that [NAME] can see; (s)/he will desire no other but me.

Oh, La Santísima! Refuge and fortress!

I humbly ask that You grant me these favors that I ask of You.

To show my thanks when I see the results, I promise to light a candle

Every Monday of every week in Your honor.*


[Again, follow with “The Lord’s Prayer” three times.]

As you did the previous day, conclude with:

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Immaculate Being of Light,

I implore that You grant me these favors that I ask of You.

Until the last day, hour, and second when Your Divine Majesty orders me to be at Your feet,

Dear Death of my heart,

Do not ever leave me unprotected.

*I don’t suppose I have to elaborate much on this point, but whatever you promises you make to La Santa Muerte, you had better fulfill them. I would shudder to think what might happen to someone who goes back on her or his word to Her. As with other arenas of your life, don’t make promises that you cannot or will not keep.

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