Novena to La Santa Muerte: Day 7

The seventh day of the Novena to La Santa Muerte should occur on a Monday. Today is the day to light the third of the three white, three-day glass candles that were required for the perpetual flame. Again, if at all possible, transfer, using a stick of incense or the head of a match, the flame from the second candle before it expires to the third one. As you do so, say:

“Flame to flame, the purity of my intentions is ignited.”

If the second candle has already burned out, don’t worry about it. Dress the third candle with any essential oils or herbs that would correspond with your intentions. Light your incense first—again, copal is traditional.

Monday is the day traditionally assigned to offering La Santa Muerte Her offerings on a weekly basis, so go all out and splurge on delectable offerings for Her shrine(s), especially as this is the last third of the Novena. Procure pretty flowers. Offer fresh water in Her clear chalice. Give Her fine chocolates. Pour some primo tequila in a shot glass. Get a decent cigar, if you’re not adverse to offering tobacco, and blow some smoke in Her face before you begin your prayers. 


Hermosa Niña Blanca!

Hermosa Niña Blanca!


As before, when you’re ready to begin, make the Sign of the Cross and say the Prayer of the Holy Death:


Lord, before Your Divine Presence,

God Almighty,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

I ask for Your permission to invoke the Holy Death.

Oh, Pretty Girl! Hermosa Niña Blanca!

I want to humbly ask that You break and destroy all spells and darkness that may present themselves

before my person, in my home, and on my path.

Holy Death, please relieve me of all oppression, poverty, and despair.

I ask that You please grant me_________.

Enlighten, with Your Holy Presence, my home, my workplace, and the environments of my loved ones.

Award us health, love, prosperity, and well-being.

Blessed and praised be Your charity, Holy Death.

Lord, I give you infinite thanks because I see Your charity.

The challenges I face every day are perfecting my spirit.

La Santísima, I give You thanks because in the midst of these challenges

I always have Your Holy Blessing.



The prayer on the seventh day is short and sweet.


Oh, Most Holy Death!

Deliver me from all evil.

Do not let me fall into any snares laid out by my enemies.

Let their negative intentions redound on their own heads a thousandfold

As I go about my life unscathed!

You have my love and my steadfast loyalty,

My Protector and Mistress.

I humbly ask that You concede all the favors that I ask of You in this Novena.


[Again, follow with “The Lord’s Prayer” three times.]


As you did the previous day, conclude with:


In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Immaculate Being of Light,

I implore that You grant me these favors that I ask of You.

Until the last day, hour, and second when Your Divine Majesty orders me to be at Your feet,

Dear Death of my heart,

Do not ever leave me unprotected.

3 thoughts on “Novena to La Santa Muerte: Day 7

  1. Hi Anna! I am really enjoying your novena entries and your lovely shrine photos! What would you advise as an offering for those of us who cannot tolerate cigar and cigarette smoke in our space due to allergic reactions? Loose tobacco, perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Danica! Loose tobacco would be a wonderful and appropriate substitute. And, while you didn’t hear this from me, if you happen to partake of some Mary Jane, that is THE chief smoke offered to La Santa Muerte in Mexico City. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks! As it happens, I don’t partake myself…but it was recently legalized here in Oregon, so if She decides She wants some, at least it won’t be risky for me to get it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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