Novena to La Santa Muerte: Day 8

The eighth day of the Novena to La Santa Muerte should take place on a Tuesday. Check to see how the three-day candle you lit yesterday is faring. Is the flame burning steadily and cleanly? Is the glass clear? Or has a dark layer of soot, representing an obstacle to the fulfillment of your prayers, formed at the lip of the glass? Overall, what sort of vibration does your shrine to La Santísima exude? How content does She seem to be with your offerings?

Shrine to my new rainbow-hued Flaquíta (Skinny Girl) in the light of day.

Shrine to my new rainbow-hued Flaquíta (Skinny Girl) in the light of day.


As before, when you’re ready to begin, make the Sign of the Cross and say the Prayer of the Holy Death:


Lord, before Your Divine Presence,

God Almighty,

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

I ask for Your permission to invoke the Holy Death.

Oh, Pretty Girl! Hermosa Niña Blanca!

I want to humbly ask that You break and destroy all spells and darkness that may present themselves

before my person, in my home, and on my path.

Holy Death, please relieve me of all oppression, poverty, and despair.

I ask that You please grant me_________.

Enlighten, with Your Holy Presence, my home, my workplace, and the environments of my loved ones.

Award us health, love, prosperity, and well-being.

Blessed and praised be Your charity, Holy Death.

Lord, I give you infinite thanks because I see Your charity.

The challenges I face every day are perfecting my spirit.

La Santísima, I give You thanks because in the midst of these challenges

I always have Your Holy Blessing.



The petition on the eighth day returns us to the controlling form of love magic that we first encountered on day two. The petitioner seeking to have an errant lover return to her or him would be best advised to pray to La Santa Muerte Roja, She Who hears the prayers of the lovelorn, the betrayed, the lustful, the happily coupled, and the broken hearted. In addition to the white three-day glass candle burning for this last leg of the Novena, you may want to adorn your shrine with a red glass candle bearing La Santa Muerte Roja’s image. Fix or dress that candle’s wax with Adam & Eve oil (even if this is for a same-sex partnership: the metaphor of attraction is what’s being worked here regardless of the pairing of genitalia involved), Come to Me Incense powder (available at any botanica), rose oil, and powdered jasmine flower petals or jasmine essential oil. A drop of Dragon’s Blood oil to expedite the working of the spell may be added at the end.

Let us pray:

Oh, La Santa Muerte! Holy Death of Majesty!

Given Your immense power over all mortal desire, 

I ask that You bring me back the companionship, the affection, and the loyalty of [NAME].

Do not give her/him one moment’s peace should (s)he be with someone else.

Do not even allow the company of friends and family without me to bring her/him happiness.

Let [NAME] know that I summon her/him forth,

Bring her/his straying feet back to my doorstep.

No peace will be given unto [NAME] otherwise.

When (s)he is asleep, let her/him dream of me.

When awake, then let her/him be thinking of me lovingly and loyally.

These words I declare to You, Most Holy Death.

Enforce my summons.

Let [NAME] feel Your power.

Grant me what I ask; fulfill this Novena.


[Again, follow with “The Lord’s Prayer” three times.]


As you did the previous day, conclude with:


In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,

Immaculate Being of Light,

I implore that You grant me these favors that I ask of You.

Until the last day, hour, and second when Your Divine Majesty orders me to be at Your feet,

Dear Death of my heart,

Do not ever leave me unprotected.

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