Announcing the Call for Submissions for the Winter Issue of Isis-Seshat Journal

Due to the imminent deadline (2 weeks from today) and the paucity of submissions received so far, I’m reblogging this in the hopes of boosting the signal! It would be a shame if this important subject doesn’t find full expression in the Winter issue of the magazine. Please help out and spread the word!

amor et mortem

As the Executive Editor of Isis-Seshat journal, the quarterly publication of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis, I’ve decided that I want the Winter issue to focus on divination as the nexus of cultus, community, and culture. As the etymology of the word denotes, the purpose of divination is to reveal “the will of the Gods.” In our postmodern Western societies, of course, the concept has largely been divorced from its polytheistic impetus and has become co-opted by (or, if you prefer, degraded to) a secularist impulse for “fortune-telling,” largely for its entertainment value.

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