Tomorrow Morning’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra

If you live in the U.S. and you’re awake and facing the soon-to-be-setting full moon in the western pre-dawn skies, you’ll more than likely see tomorrow morning’s penumbral lunar eclipse in 3° Libra. It reaches its apex at 6:48 a.m. Central Daylight Time. Unlike the more visibly dramatic partial and total lunar eclipses, the visual effects will be subtle–a perceptible darkening of the moon’s surface. But the lack of visual appeal doesn’t in any way detract from the astrological intensity.

As my former astrology teacher, the late Guy Spiro, used to quip, eclipses always highlight disparities between your plans for your life and Divinity’s plans for you. Eclipses also manifest what’s been brewing in your psyche for some time. Expect sweeping changes that take effect quickly, especially since the Sun in Aries and the full moon in Libra are both cardinal signs, ones that usher in their respective seasons of spring and autumn. We just had the Sun enter the cardinal sign of Aries on Monday, heralding the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Joining the Sun in Aries are clear-thinking Mercury, who has us developing and communicating with others what our plans for personal development are, and change-agent Uranus, whose job is to kick the status quo in the teeth.

While they may not be as severe as the detonation events that I call solar eclipses, full moon lunar eclipses signal culminations, completions, and endings. Again, look at your natal chart to see which house you can expect to see a clearing away of energies. Don’t just look at your Sun Sign–check out your Ascendant as well to get a holistic vision of the life areas where you can expect the biggest changes. Also check to see if you have any planets at or near 3° Libra.

Zodiac Signs and Houses Being Affected

Aries 7th House of Marriage and Partnerships
Taurus 6th House of Work, Service, and Health
Gemini 5th House of Romance, Pleasure, Creativity, Children
Cancer 4th House of Home, Foundation, Family, Security
Leo 3rd House of Communications, Short-Term Travel, Siblings
Virgo 2nd House of Earned Income
Libra 1st House of the Self
Scorpio 12th House of Occult Mystery, the Subconscious, Imprisonment
Sagittarius 11th House of Friendships, Groups, Associations
Capricorn 10th House of Career and Worldly Status
Aquarius 9th House of Expanding Horizons
Pisces 8th House of Intimacy, Sex, Death, Other Peoples’ Money

The Sun-Moon opposition between Aries and Libra always asks us to contemplate the tug-of-war between Self and Other. Take stock of your life, of what’s going on inside you. What’s holding you back from being who you want to be? Those are the questions the planets in Mars-ruled Aries (Sun, Mercury, Uranus) pose.

Venus-ruled Libra is all about cultivating harmony and diplomacy in relationships, as well as focusing on balance. Where are there imbalances in your relationships? Venus in Pisces will be squaring Saturn in Sagittarius and opposing Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo during the eclipse, asking you to evaluate what kinds of dividends are you receiving for what you’re investing in your relationships? With Saturn so closely involved–more on Him in a minute–the microscopic lens of scrutiny will be intense.


Planetary Aspects of the Eclipse

Chart wheel for March 23 courtesy of

Chart wheel for March 23 courtesy of

While the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are in Aries, the chart shows that there’s still a stellium of planets in Pisces: Neptune, Venus, Chiron, and the South Node (Chiron and the South Node will be conjunct at the time of the eclipse). Their Otherworldly, past-wound-oriented depths are being opposed by Retrograde Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, who very much want us to focus our energies on the here-and-now in this material plane, get our heads out of the clouds, and get our arses in high gear; these latter planets are receiving a boost in the form of a sextile from power-conscious and transformation-oriented Pluto in Virgo’s sister Earth Sign of Capricorn. Where are you expending your energy? To what extent might you still be caught up in any vestiges of Piscean escapism from reality? The no-nonsense North Node won’t have any of that. It’s time to focus on your work in the world–not just what you do for a living, but your true vocation in the world, as that is the North Node’s purpose: to signal to you what your true vocation ought to be if you aren’t already living it. Your soul’s calling is tied to the house where the North Node happens to be residing in your chart.

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius

Action-oriented Mars, ruler of Aries, and stern Saturn are both in Sagittarius, and interestingly, the energies of both planets are slowing down as Retrogrades will be imminent. Saturn’s is sooner: Saturn goes Retrograde just two days after the eclipse and will remain so until August 13. Mars goes Retrograde on April 17 and won’t go direct until June 29; He will be leaving Sagittarius and backing up into Scorpio as well, revisiting themes that were at play in your life during His transit of Scorpio earlier this year. When both of these planets are simultaneously Retrograde in the same Sign, exercise great caution in your endeavors and try to avoid certain actions altogether. For example, if you have Mars and Saturn Retrograde in your 9th House of Expanded Horizons, the House which also rules legal issues, the next three months would be a disastrous time to be involved in a lawsuit. If the Retrogrades occur in your 4th House of Home, Foundation, and Security, real estate transactions or moving into a new home–even engaging in costly home repairs–are ill advised.

At the time of the eclipse, Aries individuals ought to take advantage of very good energies: Mars in Sagittarius will sextile the Libra full moon, trine the Sun in Aries, and trine Mercury in Aries. The window of time from the 23rd to the 25th (before Saturn goes Retrograde) will be most auspicious for getting new projects started, closing in on business deals (remember, the 7th House rules close business partnerships, not just spouses), and finessing communications strategies and health regimens. Work your mojo, Rams!


The Jupiter-Saturn Square

As it stations and prepares to go Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring jovial Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter likes to expand (even when Retrograde) and Saturn’s energy likes to constrict. This aspect may cause a lot of tension and frustration, even physical violence. Its worst/lowest vibrational energies always play out in news headlines, as this morning’s tragedy in Brussels attests. (Belgian astrologer Veerle Debruyne has a lot to say about terrorism and astrology in the video she uploaded today, if you’re curious.)

The best thing to do is adopt an attitude of cautious optimism, go about implementing your plans realistically. Don’t fall prey to the Jupiterian tendency to overextend your energies/take on more than you can handle (I’m talking to you, fellow Virgos!). On the other hand, don’t plunge headlong into the opposite extreme of Saturnian coldness either. As both the Buddha and Aristotle have advised, walk the middle road between extremes. If you’re not sure what to do, don’t do anything at this time. The intensity of the square will clear by the new moon in April.


A Note to My Fellow Virgins

Virgo peeps, this eclipse highlights resources. The way we earn our income, our talents, our people skills (Libra’s influence from the eclipse) comprise the 2nd House lens through which we’re filtering this experience. The Aries Sun and Mercury in Aries are in our 8th House of Intimacy, Sex, Death, and Other Peoples’ Money, so we’re discussing resources with our partners–maybe even their financial resources, or passive sources of income like our investments, retirement plans, inheritances, etc.–and working on long-term resource management and planning. I’ve fielded a lot of questions from Virgo friends about fears of losing their jobs/main source of income as a result of the eclipse. My words of advice–and I’m saying this as someone who was devastated by a corporate layoff five years ago–are to take comfort in two things: (1) Should that dire event happen, know that an even better job/main source of income is coming swiftly to replace it (remember, this eclipse takes place in cardinal signs of rapid change); and (2) Transformative Pluto in our 5th House of Creativity is empowering us, so clues in the 5th House point the way to a new path. It might be helpful to say this affirmation: “I am okay and I am going to be okay. My Holy Powers / the Universe / Source (whatever you believe!) support(s) me in every way and ensure(s) that my material needs are met at all times. It is so!”

Whatever your Sun Sign, breathe. Ground yourself. Spend time in nature. Meditate. Write in your journal. Find outlets for pent-up energy in earthy things: nourishing food and vigorous exercise–yes, that includes sexercise! Find inspiration in this greening of the year, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere: a delightful season of new beginnings awaits us. What seeds will you sow for yourself? Take a page out of the Aries playbook and look upon the unfolding of your life as an adventure. Aries is the infant of the Zodiac: reclaim your innocence and playfulness. Wide-eyed wonderment should be your reaction to the world.

Be blessed, be blissed, and keep that ripple effect of your actions in mind: let the good you do for yourself and for all sentient beings ripple out into the world. The world needs your kindness.

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    • Hi, Kyana! Thank you for reading my post and for your kind feedback! Here’s to hoping we all weather these energies by a peaceful reclaiming of our power. Sending you much aloha!


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