The Spring 2016 Issue of Isis-Seshat Journal Is Available

Hot off the presses…and shipping around the world! I serve as the Executive Editor of Isis-Seshat, a quarterly journal of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis, and I literally have five copies remaining for sale in the limited print run for this full-color, 80-page (printed on 80-lb. glossy stock paper) Spring 2016 issue, whose theme is “Worlds Beyond: Mapping the Soulscapes Encountered in Ritual.” It pleases me greatly that once again, an Isis-Seshat issue has been birthed thanks to a global effort of FOI members and friends–theistic Pagans, Polytheists, and Spirit-Workers of all stripes. Rituals are the beating hearts of our devotional practices and I am excited about the perspectives offered by 14 contributors on this theme, representing countries as remote as Australia and Greece, with Ireland, England, and the USA thrown in for good measure. Here’s a breakdown of the table of contents by genre:


  • “The Purpose of Ritual” by Galina Krasskova
  • “The 40th Anniversary of the Founding of the Fellowship of Isis–Report from Long Beach, California” by Linda Iles
  • “The Rite of Spring Maiden and the Unicorn” by Le’ema K. Graham
  • “In the Pyramid of Unis” by Caitlín Matthews
  • “Finding the Spirit Name” by Michael Starsheen
  • “The Liminal Purge” by D.E. Numen
  • “When Worlds Collide: Ritual and the Unfolding of Wyrd” (I wrote that)
  • “Vortexes and Earth Devas” by Tina Georgitsis
  • “Healing Stick: A Sacred, Magical Tool for Rituals” by Shakila Ioanna Brati
  • “Thoughts on Miasma” by Galina Krasskova
  • “Offerings and Sacrifices for the Urban Practitioner” by Demetria Nanos
  • “Olivia Robertson: A Visionary Life–Part 2” by Caroline Wise
  • “The River of Treasure Chests” by Alice Dilts

Devotional Poetry

  • “The Keeper of the Tablet” by David de Roeck
  • “Grand Evocation of Hekate” by Shivian Morgan
  • “The Lady of the Apples” by Demetria Nanos
  • “The Poppy Queen” (I wrote that)


  • “Odin the Wanderer Encounters Magister Dragon–Part 6” by Kiel Milner

My thanks to all the contributors for such outstanding content, and to Eugene, Oregon-based FOI Priestess, artist, and Darkwave/Ambient musician, Amara Astrum, for her beautiful painting gracing the cover of the issue!

2016 Spring issue cover

Shipping rates vary on where hard copies are being mailed to (so, for example, anywhere in the USA or Canada, the cost per issue factoring postage comes to $12.50). PDFs are $5 each and even though it’s a large file, Dropbox is transmitting it nicely.

Email me at hekua dot yansa at gmail dot com if you’re interested in a copy!

Thank you, and stay tuned for my announcement for the call for submissions for the Summer 2016 issue of Isis-Seshat!

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