I’ll Be Teaching a Workshop on Ancient Egyptian Magic at World Tree Healing in Chicago on March 18!

Mark your calendars, Chi-Town peeps, and anyone who may be visiting the city on Saturday, March 18 who may be interested in learning about ancient Egyptian magic! I’ll be leading a two-hour “Hands-On Heka” workshop at World Tree Healing metaphysical resource center in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood from 5 – 7 o’clock that evening.

Behold, the power of marketing copy:

“Hands-On Heka: Magic in Ancient Egypt”

For centuries, much of the world agreed with Clement of Alexandria (3rd century C.E.), who referred to ancient Egypt as “the mother of magicians.” In this workshop, Rev. Anna Applegate, a legally ordained Priestess in the international Fellowship of Isis, will give an overview of magic, or heka, in ancient Egypt, focusing on the three main divisions of funerary magic, ritual magic (performed in temples), and everyday magic. Participants will get to experience hands-on heka by creating papyri talismans to keep.

Since magic and religion were indivisible in ancient Egypt, the magical work that we’ll be doing as a group will be contextualized within a Kemetic Reconstructionist ritual. The mobile altars with abundant statuary and ritual items that typically accompany my festival set-ups at Pagan Spirit Gathering will be out in full force! So too will several tomes from my Egyptology collection, as the discussion on valuable primary and secondary sources in the study of ancient Egyptian magic will entail some hands-on perusing of precious books!

It’s going to be a wonderfully spirited gathering (pun intended), so I hope Chicago-area readers of this blog can make it! If you can’t make this workshop, note that sometime in the third week of April I’ll be leading a workshop, also at World Tree Healing, called “Cosmic Femmes Fatales and Bad Boys: Loving and Serving ‘Dark’ Deities.” Stay tuned for further details!

Seneb-ti! Blessings!

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