Loving and Serving “Dark” Deities: My Next Workshop at World Tree Healing

Mark your calendars, Chi-Town readers! My next Polytheist-centric workshop at World Tree Healing metaphysical resource center in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood will take place on Saturday, April 15 (the day Venus goes Direct!), from 5 to 7 p.m. Behold, my glorious marketing copy:

Are you into Cosmic Femmes Fatales and Bad Boys? What does it mean to love and serve so-called “dark” deities?

Set. Loki. Ereshkigal. Nephthys. Veles. Hekate Khthonia. The Morrighan. Eris. Lucifer. Kali. Erzulie Dantor. Dionysos. La Santa Muerte.

Hekate statue_tall

My gorgeous Hekate Khthonia statue was sculpted by Chicago’s very own Jeff Cullen of thevodoustore.com.

Who’s afraid of the Dark? Plenty of people, even within Pagan and Polytheist communities. Sometimes professing devotion to ancient, complex Deities Who have acquired bad PR images over the centuries can get devotees labeled as “morbid” at the very least or “evil” at worst, and firmly set on the route to ostracism in certain traditions. What are some ways of incorporating these Holy Powers into one’s devotional practices, and why would one want to do so? Intended for an adult audience, this lively and edifying workshop will feature the sharing of academic insights as well as experiences in working with the Dark Goddesses and Gods of culturally specific pantheons—with a focus on ancient Egypt’s Set and Nephthys in particular. The workshop will conclude with a modern Kemetic Reconstructionist devotional ritual to Nephthys, one of Whose epithets is Keku, “Darkness.”


Email World Tree Healing at worldtreeoffice@gmail.com to reserve your seat for my workshop! I hope to see you there! Blessings!

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