A Friday Invocation to Freyja

Note: A former coven mate of mine shared this with me–hence the British spelling and the Gardnerian references to scourging and the like. I cannot speak to this work’s true origins. 

Invocation to Freyja


My altar to Freyja in my home temple space.

Mighty Freyja, we invoke

And call to Thee with song

We implore Thee—come to us

Who to Thee e’er belong


Odin’s love Who ever gives

To those who Thee adore

We gather here to pay Thee troth

And seek to know Thee more


Thou art the bright Witch Queen of yore

Who thrice could not be burned

Thou art the sacred Vana-Bride

Through Whom true peace was learned


O Queen of the Art Magickal

And teacher of our Lord

Thou teachest Him to seethe and see

He teachest Thou the Word


Magick of the burning heart

And of the fiery soul

The power to bring birth and death

Is what will make us whole


Darksome One of cauldron mist

Of prophecy and rune

Dazzling beauty of the day

And splendour of the moon


From Midgard we call to Thee

O Queen of Cunning Folk

Burning to Thee sweet perfume

With sacrifice invoke


Thy worship is the joyful heart

All acts of love and bliss

Are rituals sacred unto Thee

Thine the scourge and kiss


The ecstasy of the soul is Thine

Reveal to us Thy form

Enraptured, we honor Thee

With kisses Thee adorn


[Ring bell three times]


Mighty Freyja, come to us

Maiden, Witch, and Bride

Daughter of the Earth and Sea

Queen of the sacred tide


Descend now, O Golden One

With happiness and love

Spend Thine ancient Pow’r here

Rain blessings from above


[Ring bell three times]


Mighty Goddess of the heights

Wake our fervour with Thy stroke

Stir in us the sea of passion

And the spirit fire stoke


By the sacred Earth, we call Thee!

By the moon, and stars, and sun!

Thou art the One that we adore

O come upon us, Shining One!


Fehu Fehu Fehu Fe

Raidho Gyfu Gyfu Rai

Wunjo Perthro Sowilo—KA!

Inguz Laguz Berkana


[Ring bell three times]

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