Check Out My Newly Launched Etsy Shop: Jackal Moon Designs!

I’m pleased to announce that after months of fielding requests from friends to make my devotionally focused Pagan and Polytheist jewelry pieces and other handmade works of art publicly accessible, I’ve decided to launch an Etsy shop: Jackal Moon Designs

My shop’s ethos is Purposefully Pagan Devotional Jewelry and Art.

My love of beading unique pieces of jewelry that have an energetic focus on harmonizing one’s energies with that of a particular Deity or spirit began in 2004. Over the years, many friends have expressed a keen interest in my work and fortuitous word-of-mouth marketing has led to this cottage industry of mine.

I love the energies, colors, and textures that certain gemstones exude and I love pairing the right combinations with a Deity image that serves as a focal point for a necklace. The biggest compliments I receive are when happy customers remark on how my pieces help serve as links to the Holy Powers that they serve.

My work is always done in a spirit of joy and I like to think that that emotional frequency translates into the finished pieces. I’m a legally ordained Priestess in the Fellowship of Isis–I’m a Kemetic Polytheist myself–and every day I pray to my Patrons to make me a more fitting vessel of the creative energies They bestow upon me.

Here are some photos of newly added listings. I take requests for custom pieces as well: just email me at anna dot applegate at yahoo dot com and let’s work out the details!


Sterling silver Celtic Goddess pendant made into a necklace with garnet and moonstone.


We’re talking serious Kemetic priestess bling with this 32.5″-long faceted lapis lazuli, carnelian, and malachite necklace! The ankh pendant (pewter) alone is 3″ tall.


One of my favorites: a Persian Achaemenid winged lion pendant that’s a historical replica from the era of Artaxerxes 11, who reigned from 404-359 BCE. I used it to make a necklace with rose quartz, amethyst,  purple iolite, jade, and malachite. Comes with a historical reproduction certificate from the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute.


My one-eyed cat, Hela, gives her sniff of approval to my 4″ Celtic head vase! Shown as a handy little storage unit for incense sticks. Made of kiln-fired clay.

Thanks for having a look; several other listings appear in my shop and I’m adding more items two to three times a week.


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