Devotional Necklaces to Freyja and Kali Ma Now Uploaded to My Etsy Site

New to my Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns: three devotional necklaces to very powerful Goddesses. One is dedicated to Freyja and two pay homage to Kali Ma. 

The Freyja necklace features a sterling silver pendant and two sizes of rhodonite beads, 15 mm and 14 mm. Rhodonite is a stone that has to do with valuing yourself/having self-worth and self-appreciation–traits fitting for a devotee of mighty Freyja! Other beads include Baltic amber chips, red tiger eye, and rose quartz. This is a hefty piece that measures 28 inches long.





Long-time followers of this blog will know that I’m a devotee mainly of Chthonic Deities, Powers of death and the Underworld, Protectors of the dead and Initiators into radical transformation–i.e., when your life begins to feel like the Tower card of the Tarot! Hence it’s no surprise that Kali Ma figures prominently in my personal devotionals and in my crafting sensibilities: that’s why I’ve got two necklaces in Her honor for sale!

Both feature 9 mm red tiger eye gemstone beads prominently, as well as cheerfully grinning howlite skulls that reflect the Kali Ma devotee’s attitude of joyful acceptance of dissolution and the hope of attaining moksha, or liberation, at death. The 24-inch necklace has a large pewter pendant and the 26-inch necklace features lava rock/pumice stone beads and a two-sided lacquered metal pendant. Made in India, both pendants depict a weapons-wielding Kali Ma trampling upon the serene body of Lord Shiva in savasana, or corpse pose. Four-armed Kali Ma holds aloft weapons meant to slay ignorance and fear.






Please visit JackalMoonDesigns on Etsy for complete details and pricing info. Thank you!


One thought on “Devotional Necklaces to Freyja and Kali Ma Now Uploaded to My Etsy Site

  1. By way of an update, my Freyja necklace sold within 2 hours of posting this announcement and the buyer is one of my blog followers! Thank you so much for your patronage; I greatly appreciate it! Your necklace will be delivered on Wednesday. Hail, Freyja!


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