Hymn to Hekate

“Hymn to Hekate”

(c) A. Applegate 2017


We give greetings to fair Hekate,

Mighty monogenes--sole child of starry Asteria and the Son of Eurybia.

Titaness of the Threefold Realm of Earth, Sea, and Sky,

Revered above all the Ancient Powers by Olympos-dwelling Zeus Himself.

With pleasing eyes, accept our sacrifice

Hekate Khthonia,

Mistress of the Underworld surrounded by swarms of spirits,

And open the ways to the dreaded realm of Thy majesty,

O Brimo,

That we may claim our rightful power in service to Thee.


With pleasing eyes, accept our sacrifice

Hekate Krataiis,

Strong One of the Wine-Dark Sea,

Who birthed death-dealing Skylla,

And open the ways beneath the waves,

O She-Wolf, O Sea Wolf,

That we may draw into the depths of our being

Unending praise of Thee.


With pleasing eyes, accept our sacrifice

Hekate Soteira,

Queen of Angels, Savior of the World-Soul,

And open our ears to receive Thy counsel in the Music of the Spheres.

Hidden Hekate, fair of face,

Mighty Hekate, Lady of Power,

Lead us through the crossroads at the behest of Thy grace,

In our magical endeavors,

Help our workings to flower.

In heartfelt devotion,

We kneel before Thee,

Goddess Incomparable!

Io, Hekate!

Hekate altar

My Hekate altar is the heart of my temple space. Photo (c) A. Applegate 2017.

8 thoughts on “Hymn to Hekate

  1. This is a stirring invocation and song of praise for She who walks the liminalities of Life, Love, Death, & Rebirth. Excellent work, Anna! Thank You!

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    • Thank you, dear Demetria! I’m glad it resonated with you. May Hekate’s torches illuminate your mother’s spirit’s path. Sending you much love and the candles are ablaze on my altar for your family. ❤


  2. What a beautiful prayer. I am new to Paganism and new to Goddess spirituality. It is wonderful to know that such a powerful prayer is possible. Thank you.


    • Thank you for your response. Hekate is glorious! Loving and serving Her–I have sworn lifelong service to Her the day I became legally ordained as a Priestess–has unequivocally transformed my life in marvelous ways. Blessings to you on your journey!


      • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reply. I am attracted to Paganism chiefly because of Goddess spirituality, which I consider intellectually satisfying, spiritually liberating, morally transforming and emotionally uplifting.

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