Jupiter Enters Scorpio: King of Cups Energy

I’ve been giddily anticipating this transit for the past few months. Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity–our Big Daddy of the zodiac–has officially entered into the fixed water sign of Scorpio today, and will remain there until November 8, 2018. Of course, whether one experiences planetary transits as mostly “positive” or “negative” depends on the sign being transited and that sign’s relationship to one’s own Sun and Moon Signs and Ascendant (for the most part).

If you’re a Scorpio, of course, this is a very “lucky” transit for you, augmenting all aspects of your already dynamically charged Selfhood for the next 13 months. However, the caveat concerning Jupiter that bears mentioning–given the attribution of excess the planet carries–is that everything in your life expands when Jupiter shines the magnifying glass on it, including your waistline, so be mindful of your sweet tooth, Scorpio! (Seriously, I did gain weight when Jupiter transited my Virgo Sun Sign two years ago, so ye be warned!) Fellow Water Signs Cancer and Pisces also benefit from Jupiter’s plunge into Scorpio’s deep cosmic ocean currents, as do the Earth Signs of industrious Virgo (yay!) and ambitious Capricorn.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.08.38 PM.png

When we look at the archetypal mythology behind this planetary transit, we have a bit of an unusual situation in that Jupiter–a Sky God–takes on shades of Neptune and Pluto both (His brothers, incidentally, in Roman mythology) by delving deep into Scorpio’s intense Underworld currents of transformation through the taboo vehicles of the occult, sex, death, and rebirth. When I think of Jupiter in Scorpio, I think of the Tarot Court Card of the King of Cups.


Image from the Marseilles Tarot


The King of Cups brings to mind the axiom that “still waters run deep,” and that’s a very fitting phrase to apply to the psychology of a Scorpio. Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign people can wield such great emotional control over the surface/exterior of their personalities that you’d be hard-pressed to realize that the placid surface belies a very intense emotional core, whether the emotions in question are “light” (as in loving, supportive, etc.) or “dark” (as in obsessive, even revenge-focused; Scorpio is the most vindictive of all signs). When it comes to communication styles, Scorpio’s Plutonian power obliterates all superficialities; why waste precious energy on small talk when the only task worth doing is penetrating to a person’s very soul or to the actual core of an issue?

Since Jupiter likes to magnify and expand what He touches and Scorpio is the natural detective of the zodiac, you can bet that during the next 13 months, events on the world stage that arise from the misuse of power will have the inescapable glare of media scrutiny shining on them. Pluto, the modern planetary ruler of Scorpio (the ancients attributed planetary rulership to Mars, which is certainly still relevant), loves to expose that which was formerly hidden in the depths–especially where issues of power are concerned. The revelation of political scandals to the public is a de rigeur Jupiter in Scorpio phenomenon. (I invite my fellow American readers to think back to the year 2005 and all of the ass-hattery of George W. Bush’s presidency becoming top of mind in the collective consciousness.) What else will He expose?

Since Jupiter also rules peoples’ belief systems–it’s the planet of religions and philosophies–we can also expect the appeal of esoteric/metaphysical/occult subjects to broaden in the mass consciousness over the next 13 months, with perhaps people turning to more “alternative” spiritual traditions in greater numbers, citing the failure of their birth faiths in adequately addressing their needs.

Jupiter’s aid is always sought in matters of business, and the good news of the transit in Scorpio is that one’s business instincts will reach superior levels during this time. Intuitive gifts will be enhanced by Scorpio’s laser-like focus on cutting through the bullshit/red tape to get to solutions that drive lasting ROI.

Readers of mine who are fellow Virgos may join me in cheering the arrival of Jupiter in Scorpio; this transit affects our 3rd solar house of communications, short trips, and relations with siblings. If your career depends on writing, advertising, sales, teaching, publishing, PR, marketing, training, or public speaking, Jupiter in Scorpio will give you tremendous opportunities to showcase your talents, get new/more gigs, and expand your reach to your target audiences. Excellent news, indeed!

Not sure what the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio means for you? If you’d like to have me cast your natal or progressed chart with a planetary transit forecast for the next two months, email me at jackalmoondesigns at gmail dot com.

Ave, Bonum Deus Pater Iupiterius!

One thought on “Jupiter Enters Scorpio: King of Cups Energy

  1. Hi Anna, The next two weeks are very good astrologically for people to do prosperity work, whether prayer, meditation, visualization, or ritual. There are positive and powerful aspects pretty much every day, now (Oct. 11 through Samhain, Oct. 31. There are good days each month for propserity, abundance, health, medical treatment, investment, research, and education. There are several well-aspected days in November as well as December, 2017. Allow the Grand Duke Jupiter to brighten our horizons and enrich our lives!

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