My Year-Wheel Tarot Spread for 2018

Happy New Year, gentle readers! My time-honored tradition of casting this 13-card Tarot spread for myself as a forecast for the year ahead has continued unabated since 1989, I just realized. I was in high school at the time and used the Marseilles deck that was gifted to me by my now-late uncle Milan; it was my very first deck. If you’re familiar with that deck, you know how challenging it can be to study the meanings of Minor Arcana cards that aren’t Court cards; with little pictorial symbolism to go on, I went straight for memorizing the meanings of the numbers, wincing every time I would come to draw a Five card, irrespective of the Elemental suit, and rejoicing at the Aces, Sixes, and Eights.

But last night, something in the air prompted me to each for my Robin Wood Tarot deck as I sat on the floor around 7 o’clock, viewing with glee the sight of the bulbous, bone-white, and nurturing Cancer Full Moon rise into view of my east-facing condo balcony doors. I lit a stick of India Temple incense at my Durga shrine and began to play Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors’ 1994 album, Luna, on my stereo.

I shuffled my cards several times, wondering which of the three household cats, if any, would decide to come careening into the cards once they were laid out on the floor. Beowulf, the alpha male, sat in a nearby chair, uncharacteristically mellow and observing me with an air of majestic indifference. His brother, Grendel, was sleeping on one of the dining room chairs. Wee and naughty Hela was the only one racing about, spurred on by full moon mania, but she kept her scampering confined to the main hallway and didn’t enter the living room, where I sat.

I inhaled deeply and smiled, enjoying both the scent of the incense and the rousing bass guitar notes from the song that was playing (“Seducing Hades”). I looked squarely into the rising moon, now slightly above eye level with me, and prayed first to Selene, then Hekate, concluding with my time-honored divinatory appeal:

“Hidden Hekate, to me show what it is that I must know!

Visit me this night with divination and the sight!”

I fanned the cards out face-down from east to west in a line, and then selected thirteen cards at random, starting with the Significator and then arranging the remaining twelve cards into a zodiacal wheel, starting with the 1st House and concluding with the 12th.

These are what I drew:


This spread is also referred to as a “clock” of the year, but, given the associations with the 12 Houses of the zodiac, you start with the “9:00” position and work your way counterclockwise until the last card, which is the “10:00” position or the 12th House.

Significator Card: The Two of Pentacles. This is going to be a year of finding harmony in the midst of change, but I sense both playfulness as well as a sense of control as I walk my tightrope walk, enjoying the balancing act I’ll perform. This can be a card of multitasking, so, knowing my Virgo Sun penchant for workaholism, I better tell myself not to take on more projects than I’m realistically capable of handling.


Child of Hermes, that’s me, performing a fun and exciting balancing act for the year.

Card 1, the month of January, and the 1st House of Self: The Three of Wands. I love this card! What a great way to start the year! My ships have come in and I’ll be celebrating new business opportunities and my acumen in handling them. I have a solid grasp on my future. Huzzah!

Card 2, the month of February, and the 2nd House of Income: The Five of Wands. Ha ha, here we go, in true topsy-turvy fashion, this card speaks to being beset by conflict, unfulfilled desires, and indecision. My advertising workplace is chock-full of drama llamas, many of whom love to throw their colleagues under the bus in order to garner individual attention for their creative output. Given that many of my clients are having product launches at this time, does this card predict SNAFUs? Time will tell. I’ll keep my guard up, keep doing the creative work that I love, and hopefully the drama will be short term and of no lasting consequence.

Card 3, the month of March, and the 3rd House of Communications: The Four of Swords. Perhaps whatever transpires in February will require me to cool my jets in this month, take a rest, decline new gigs, or even start a meditation routine. This card indicates the need for the body and the mind to replenish themselves, so I’ll keep tabs on my energy reserves and fuel myself accordingly.

Card 4, the month of April, and the 4th House of Home & Foundations: 6 of Cups. This is a delightful card. Something or someone will trigger my youthful idealism and nostalgia for the past. Saturn will be retrograde at that time in my 5th House, actually, so could a former lover resurface in my life? Or a friend I haven’t seen in years? This is exciting!

Card 5, the month of May, and the 5th House of Romance & Creative Self-Expression: The Lovers. Wowee! Now I’m really wondering if this could be the same person indicated by the previous card. Or a new person entering my life? This could also signify a major artistic breakthrough for me, one based on collaboration instead of solo work. No matter what, the outcome is sure to be juicy, so I’m really looking forward to this month!


It’s not his crooked wang that bothers me as much as his facial hair!

Card 6, the month of June, and the 6th House of Work, Service, & Health: The Queen of Pentacles. Very apt that this House, ruled by Virgo, has such an Earthy Woman of Power on the card I selected. This is definitely me in the fullness of my sovereign power and my ability to manifest. Monetary gifts could be coming my way also, or just plain ol’ reaping the fiscal rewards of my hard Virgo work! An excellent card.

Card 7, the month of July, and the 7th House of Marriage & Partnerships: The Page of Wands. There’s a lot to be optimistic about here! A great idea of mine can lead to entrepreneurial success, or word will get out (Pages announce things) about my brand and folks will come a-calling. This Page can also be announcing the news of the following card, but it’s sure to be a great message! The Page of Wands can also signify a faithful friend or partner.


Read from bottom to top: my months of July, August, and September, respectively. Excellent messages individually and collectively!

Card 8, the month of August, and the 8th House of Sex, Death, & Other Peoples’ Money: The Sun. My second Major Arcana card in this spread is one of my all-time favorites! Excellent energy to celebrate the summer season’s high passion! Perhaps this signifies the fulfillment of success announced by July’s Page of Wands. Happiness, vibrant health, love, financial growth: bring it on, say I!

Card 9, the month of September, and the 9th House of Expanded Horizons: Temperance. It’s potent to have two back-to-back Major Arcana cards like this, and benevolent ones! This is my birth month and I see myself garnering security through prudent resource management, publishing success, marketing, and travel. Yes, Temperance also signifies moderation, meditation, and patience, traits and practices I resonate with. There is also a message of alchemical balance and healing here; this angel brings purifying energies and a sense of “leveling up.” Yes!

Card 10, the month of October, and the 10th House of Career and Worldly Status: The Page of Cups. It’s interesting, looking at the spread, that this Page is the elemental and physical opposite of August’s Page of Wands, but this card also calls out a sense of creative and spiritual renewal, journeys of artistic self-discovery. Maybe even new love, or a rekindled love with a person in my life whom I strongly associate with this card.

Card 11, the month of November, and the 11th House of Friends, Hopes, & Wishes: The Devil! Ha ha, yaaaasss! I love The Devil card and all of its unapologetic Capricorn energy, which I strongly resonate with. Sure, sure, there’s a caution about not being overly materialistic, but that’s never been one of my vices anyway. Funny, though, looking, again, geometrically at the spread and the cards’ positions relative to one another in the circle, that this Devil is exactly opposite the Temperance angel! Is He trying to undo the angel’s healing mojo, encouraging me to go ahead and order the large size of fries with a side order of garlic bread at my favorite pizza place in Chicago? Hmmmm…could be! Since this is appearing in my 11th House, maybe there is a slight caution of a friend trying to goad me into making a decision that isn’t in my best interests. I’ll be on the lookout for it, but I’m not terribly concerned.

Card 12, the month of December, and my 12th House of the Occult: The Chariot! Wow, more back-to-back Major Arcana card energy! But this one is infinitely more positive. And given its position in my 12th House, I foresee a major expansion of my spiritual power, of boons granted to me from the spirit world/my Holy Powers, and of rapid self-evolution. Shamanic journeys or other trance states will likely figure prominently for me here, though this card could also definitely betoken this-world travel (of a long-distance variety) for the holidays. Harmony, mastery, triumph over obstacles, and balance from reigning in opposing influences are always what The Chariot card is all about, so this is a fantastic card to represent the conclusion of 2018 for me!

Overall Analysis

This really is one of the best spreads I’ve gotten in years: last year’s shit-show was predicted by the appearance of the Three of Swords and The Tower in my spread, so I knew 2017 was going to suck for me something awful. And it did.

But poof! As soon as Jupiter entered Scorpio last October and Saturn entered His home sign of Capricorn this past Winter Solstice, I knew my astrological fortunes would turn for the better, and so they have, thank the Gods! This jolly Tarot spread seems to confirm that truth for me too: Five Major Arcana cards have me firmly believing my good events for 2018 have been karmically ordained for me, given how much I’ve suffered in the past 2.5 years (coinciding with Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius, which sucked for a lot of people). No Three of Swords, no Tower card, no Five of Pentacles this time around. Phew!  The only “negative” card is next month’s Five of Wands, and I really do feel that is a short-term power struggle that won’t have lasting consequences for me.

This month is excellent and I really give thanks. I love how the Three of Wands is balanced across the “clock face” of the spread from the Page of Wands in the 3:00 position: these cards are definitely having a dialogue with one another and there is great cause for optimism.

Looking at the spread’s vertical axis, the Page of Cups at the top balances the Six of Cups in the “6:00” position, a very good resonance for spiritual and creative energies, which I sense will be manifesting through people I come into contact with.

All told, this spread is something to celebrate! Thank you, Hekate!

If you would like to book a Tarot reading with me on Skype, which can include your natal chart and a detailed look at the planetary transits affecting you for the next 12 months, send me an email at jackalmoondesigns at gmail dot com!

Blessings of health, love, prosperity, and pleasure to you all! Cheers!


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