Prayer for Healing to La Santa Muerte Azul

I’m so excited I can’t stand it! Tonight at 7 at Alchemy Arts Bookstore in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, I’ll be presenting a workshop and leading a prayer ceremony in honor of La Santa Muerte. Based on the online registration plus what the store’s proprietor said to me on the phone last night, it’s going to be a packed house, which has me giddy as I’m very much looking forward to sharing my love for La Santísima with so many people eager to learn about how they can cultivate a devotional relationship with Her.

The evening will be divided into two parts: first, I’ll be presenting a lecture from an anthropological and religious history overview on the factors culpable for the meteoric rise in popularity of La Santa Muerte’s cult, especially north of the border. I’ll also discuss the many colors and symbols of La Santa Muerte; the basis of Her appeal across socio-economic, educational, racial, gender, and sexual identity lines; devotional polytheism basics; getting started in setting up a shrine to La Niña Blanca; and how I began my spiritual journey towards Muertistahood.

The second part of the evening is what I’m really excited about: I’ll be leading a prayer ceremony, roughly 45 minutes long, where we’ll be petitioning La Santa Muerte for blessings of protection, empowerment, and abundance for the New Year. I’ve published a mini prayerbook that participants will get to take home with them; all prayers are ones I’ve composed myself in English. One that I’d like to share with you now is addressed to La Santa Muerte Azul, the Lady of Healing:


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Prayer for Healing to La Santa Muerte Azul

Oh, La Dama Poderosa!

Mother of Might,

Mother of Mercy,

I ask for Your blue healing mantle

To enfold me

And bring me healing and peace.

From the storms of life,

I seek refuge in Your calm.

For the healing of my mind,

Your Wisdom gives me peace.

For the healing of my body,

Your Power gives me strength.

With the unwavering might of Your falling scythe,

I rejoice at the cutting of cords to

All substances, people, places, and events

That previously brought my body poison,

My emotions turmoil,

And my home unrest.

With one touch from Your bony fingers,

Well-being is restored.

La Niña Azul,

I give You thanks and praise.

Wellspring of Healing,

I give You thanks and praise.

Compassionate La Santísima,

I give You thanks and praise.



Viva La Santísima!

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