Tempest in the Desert: A Devotional Group Ritual to Set

For a long time, it was the conviction of scholars that the fact that one and the same deity might display divergent and sometimes even contradictory qualities could best be explained by assuming that such a god had resulted by a historical process from several simple deities. This train of thought is based on a rationalistic misunderstanding and a failure to appreciate the nature of religious experience. In essence, each important god comprises all possibilities. Gods can not be sorted out like buttons.

–te Velde, Herman. Seth, God of Confusion: A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion. Leiden, The Netherlands: E.J. Brill, 1977. pp.101-102.

Tempest in the Desert: The Ritual

(c) 2015 A. Applegate / aka Katakhanas


Opening Song in Egyptian

Reҳ hᾱᾱiu                                                                    I rejoice

Ma a-ᾴ paut neteru                                                   May I look upon the company of the Gods.

Nuk ut’a tep ta ҳer Rᾱ mena-a nefer                      I am strong upon the earth before Ra,

Ẋer Ausȧr                                                                   May my arrival be happy before Osiris

Nuk t’a pet                                                                  I have sailed over heaven

Nuk ȧȧh                                                                       I am the moon

Ba-ᾱ pu neteru bai u en neheh                   My soul is the Gods, who are the Souls of Eternity

Au-ȧ ab kua neteri-kuᾴ                                              I myself am pure, I am mighty

A net’-hra-k Neter Set Ankh Ka                                  Homage to Thee, Set of the Living Ka

A net’-hra-ten nebu heh                                               Homage to Thee, Ye Lords of Eternity

Nuk ab per em seҳet                                          I am the pure one coming forth from the field

Ȧn-na en Ɵen netersenƟer                                          I have brought you incense


Tu a Suti                                                                          You are Set

Urt-Hekau                                                                       Mighty One of Words of Power

Ta-k-na uat seś-a em-hetep                                    Grant to me a way that I may pass in peace

Ȧn-na kert ᾱb-kua                                                          I am silent, I am pure

Ĺ-nᾱ, ҳerk-k neb Ra                                                       I have come to Thee, O my Lord Ra

Reҳ hᾱᾱiu                                                                        I rejoice

Reҳ hᾱᾱiu                                                                        I rejoice


Lighting Incense Prayer


I give incense to the eastern Ba,

Heru of the East,

Bull of His Mother in the Aten,

He of Terror Who Shines with two Udjat Eyes,

Ra-Heruakhety the great god, Power with Wings,

Foremost of the Southern Heaven.


Censing the Circle Prayer


It is pure, it is pure for your ka!

You are pure for your ka.

Your head is pure with sweet incense;

The incense makes you new.

Holy fragrance is on your limbs;

Heru and Set, the Two Great Ones, cleanse you.

I cense you with this Eye of Heru.

I make you holy with this Eye of Heru.

I make you holy,

The Eye makes you holy,

Its scent washes over you,

The perfume of Heru’s Eye lies upon you.



The Heavens are opened, the Earth is opened, the West is opened, the East is opened,

The Southern Half of Heaven is opened, the doors are opened,

And the gates are thrown wide open to Ra as He Cometh Forth from the Horizon!


And now, at this time, let the one who would invoke our starry mother Nut step forth!




Hymn to Nut [Pronounced “Noot”]

O Great One, Mother Sky,

You made power and strength,

And filled every place with Your beauty.

All lands belong to You.

You hold Geb and all creation in Your embrace.

Hail, Nut!


ALL: Hail!


Let the one who would invoke Nut’s consort step forth!




Hymn to Geb

O Geb, Son of Shu,

You stand on the earth that You may govern at the head of the Ennead,

For You are the essence of Them All.

Nourish and sustain us in the work we are to do.

Hail, Father Earth!


ALL: Hail!


And now let us invoke the Great God Set, Son of Nut, Bull of Ombos Who Gleams in the Northern Sky. We’ll say the following invocation four times, as four is a sacred number the Egyptians used to magically reinforce something.


Hymn to Set

Homage to Thee, O Suti!

Homage to Thee, O Ladder of Set!

Suti joins together my neck and my back in strength;

May nothing happen to break them apart.

Mighty One of the Two-Fold Strength,

Son of Nut,

With Your iron harpoon

Fetter my foes on this day!

Force restraint

O bone of Typhon

Smai Smai Smai

King of the Northern Sky

Crocodile who explodes from the waters to seize His enemies,

Raging boar,

Roaring hippo in the marshes,

Braying ass at the threshold,

Thunder in the Horizon of Heaven,

To my foes declare:

“You shall be cut in pieces,

And your members shall be hacked asunder.”

Husband of Glorious Nebet-Het,

Lady of Life,

Establish the crown upon my head

Even like the disk on the Head of Ra,

Give me life, strength, and health!


Presentation of Offerings

Hail to Thee, O Set, Son of Nut,

Great of strength in the boat of Millions of Years,

In the bow of the ship of Ra,

Thou God of the Red Lands,

Whose was-sceptre may slay or protect the Ennead;

We invoke Thee, Set-Nubti

Adversarial Neter who commands the darkness and the light;

We invoke Thee, Who alone controls the tumult of the storm

And ask that Thine eyes are turned upon us with favor:

Accept our offerings of water, chili pepper mead, candles made with cinnamon and clove essential oils, Kyphi incense, oil of myrrh, hematite prayer beads, and these plants purchased specifically to adorn Thy shrine.


Bless us with life, strength, and health, and aid us as we work to smite all baleful influences, as surely as the Fiend is smitten by Thy great iron lance;

Aid us in the increase of pleasure, for well known it is how pleased Thou art by the pleasures of this beautiful world;

Embolden our hearts,

O Typhon,

We invoke Thee to bring us the power of Thy sekhem,

That our total will be done.

ANET HRA NETER HEN SET ANKH-KA (Homage to Thee, Set of the Living Ka)

Djed-Ankh! (Everlasting Life)!


Prayer for Personal Power

Hear the words of Heka: Hu! Sa!

Empower me, Urt-Hekau, Mighty One of the Words of Power!

Whose weapon is the Pesh-Khent, forked as Thy tail!

Mighty One, Great of Strength, arise through me!

My sekhem is directed to devour that which would impede my will!

My heka so uttered shall manifest according to my desire!

So shall it be!


Execration Ritual for Red Earthenware Pots

Write on them: “Every evil word, every evil speech, every evil thought, every evil plot, every evil fight, every evil disturbance, every evil plan, every evil thing, every evil dream in every evil sleep.”


“Be gone! You shall not be!

Be gone! Your name shall not be!

Be gone! Your power shall not be!

Be gone! Your bau [manifestation] shall not be!”

I invite everyone to approach the altar and give Set His due. Whether you wish to write your ills on the plate and smash it in front of him, or you wish to pray in silence and make an offering of the seven types of offerings listed, or you wish to toast Him audibly in the company of all, feel free to do what you will when the spirit moves you.


Mighty Set, we look upon Thy majesty with wonder, gratitude, and adoration. Raise Thy scepter in our defense as we continue to walk our roads of peace and power. Protect us from evil.

Nedjen ma sebet! Nedjen ma fa-u! Protect us from evil!

ALL:        Nedjen ma sebet! Nedjen ma fa-u! Protect us from evil!


We thank Thee, Set-Nubti, Golden One,

Walker in liminal spaces, the Outsider, the One Set Apart,

Whose might is greater than all the Neteru,

The male gods and the female gods of the mountains and the rivers and the land of Kemet,

Of the heavens, the soil, the great sea, the wind,

Great in sekhem, Great in heka,

Master of the Words of Power,

Bless us to come to a greater understanding of Thy Mystery.

Dua Sutekh!

ALL: Dua Sutekh!


And now let us turn to the Earth, to Father Geb, supporter of all our undertakings. May His companion step forth.

Thanksgiving to Geb


O Geb, Son of Shu,

Essence of the Gods made manifest,

Swallow not any of us anytime soon

And bless us that we always tread lightly upon You.

Tᾱ-k-na uat seś-a em hetep! Grant us a way that we may pass in peace!

Hail, Father Earth!


ALL: Hail!


And now let us stretch our arms upward in praise of Mother Sky, Nut! May Her companion please step forth.

Thanksgiving to Nut (Noot)

Volunteer: Great Nut, Starry Vault of Heaven,

We rejoice as our deceased rise to become one with You,

Immortal in Your bosom.

We give thanks knowing that Millions of Years will be born of Your womb on the morrow,

Lady of Divine Ma’at,

The Pure One arching over the company of the Gods!

Bless us with pleasure and rest tonight and all nights!

Hail, Sky Mother Nut!


ALL: Hail!




Final Proclamation

Repeat after me:

Reҳ hᾱᾱiu                                I rejoice!

Ba-ᾱ pu neteru                     My soul is the Gods, who are the Souls of Eternity.

There is no part of us that is not of the Gods. Blessed are those who would listen and know.

Set Shrine by A. Applegate_2015_Chicago Pagan Pride

My Set shrine at Chicago Pagan Pride 2015. (c) A. Applegate


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    • Thank you, JewelofAset! Alas, I hadn’t heard of that anthology, or I surely would have submitted my Sethian writings for consideration! Ah well. I definitely plan on buying a copy, though!


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