Calling All Setians: Call for Submissions for Debut Issue of “Questing SET” Magazine

I am so incredibly excited about this! My friend Judith Page, the co-editor of this debut magazine slated for a June 2018 publication date, has given me permission to broadcast far and wide the call for submissions for Questing SET! Friends and longtime readers of my blog who are devotees of this historically unjustly maligned Son of Nuit: now’s your chance to submit original essays, poetry, and other works of art to pay Him homage via Questing SET thanks to two pioneering voices in Western esotericism! (Judith’s colleague in producing this publication is none other than Don Webb–yes, he of Uncle Setnakt fame!)

Here’s Judith’s original notice for the call for submissions:

Questing Set Call for Submissions

Judith’s email address can be found on her website here.

So get writing! Dua, Set!


My public shrine to Set at the 2015 Pagan Spirit Gathering festival.

2 thoughts on “Calling All Setians: Call for Submissions for Debut Issue of “Questing SET” Magazine

  1. Hi there,

    I have some Set artwork (rather a lot, actually, given the fact that I don’t worship him) I’d like to contribute, and I may have or be able to with an article or extremely rare piece of verse. The art is here:

    I have a particularly good one of him as the Typhonian Beast, which I started decades ago and never finished; this might be my excuse!

    There are also doodles, which are quite interesting.

    Please write back,
    Sophia Kelly Shultz


    • Hi, Sophia:

      As the Call for Submissions indicate, all pieces should be emailed to Judith Page, the co-editor of the forthcoming Questing SET issue, at I’m not involved in the submissions acceptance process–I’m merely boosting the signal to help Judith and Don field as many high-caliber submissions as possible. Good luck!


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