I’m Going to Be Teaching a “Fundamentals of Astrology” Workshop at Maiden Bedlam on March 3!

Chicagoland peeps! I hope to see you on March 3 at my friend Juli’s Pagan-owned and operated metaphysical shop, Maiden Bedlam (in the northwest suburb of Elgin), on March 3 from 1-4 p.m.! I’ll be teaching a three-hour “Fundamentals of Astrology” workshop, which includes me doing participants’ natal charts and incorporating them into class discussion.


Cosmic clock photo licensed as public domain under Creative Commons CC0 license, accessed via Pixabay.

Behold, my marvelous marketing copy advertising the event:

You’re more than just your Sun Sign! In this three-hour workshop, you’ll gain a thorough basic literacy in Western astrology, a Greek word which literally means “the language of the stars.”  Learn the terminology, the symbols (glyphs for planets and signs), the role of the Ascendant and Moon Sign, the North and South Nodes, the significance of the 12 houses and natal planetary placements in them, the 12 signs and their elements and modalities, the basic mathematical angles used to determine the relationship between the planets (known as aspects), astrology and health, and much more!

Cost: $75 per person includes printed natal chart with analysis, printed out and PDF version to keep. (I would need to know each attendee’s date, time, and location of birth at least 3 days in advance of the class. You would register with the shop and pay in advance: 847-899-2534.)

I hope to see you there!

natal chart



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