Mokosh Devotional Necklace Added to My JackalMoonDesigns Etsy Shop!


Just listed on my Etsy shop! This genuine Baltic amber beaded necklace pays homage to the Slavic Earth and Mother Goddess, Mokoš or Mokoša (Mokosh, Mokosha), Whose epithet of Mat Zemlija usually translates as “Moist Mother Earth” (from the pan-Slavic mokra, “wet”). She is a Weaver Goddess and thus is often said to be in the company of if not one of the Roženitse (Rozhenitse) Herself, the Goddesses of Destiny (still placated to this day in Southern and Northeastern Europe with elaborate customs involving home births). Oaths were and are sworn to Her through the act of ritually kissing the ground, making one’s word binding. Her massive gilded “idol” was the only representation of a female Deity from the Slavic Pantheon adorning the great outdoor temple of Kiev as established by Prince Vladimir the Great, who ruled the Kievan Rus from 908-1015 CE (Common Era).

Mokoš, Protectress of Women, grants the blessings of fertility (people, animals, and the land) and prophecy. She serves as the Divine Ancestress of one’s maternal heritage. Her Mysteries encompass cultivated land as well as the dark, mysterious earth of the impenetrable forests. Blessings as well as curses endure in Her Mighty Name. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Her cult was largely absorbed into that of the mysterious Saint Petka Paraskeva, who bears the curious name of “Saint Friday,” alluding to the fact that like Frigga of the Old Norse, another Goddess of Women’s Mysteries and Destiny, Friday is Her sacred day of the week.


My necklace is comprised of polished and raw Baltic amber chips and chunks of various colors: cognac, milk, and green amber. The bronze pendant depicting the Goddess is based on medieval imagery that survived in Slavic folk embroidery motifs. The necklace measures 22 inches long and is incredibly lightweight; it’s suitable for everyday wear as well as ritual adornment. If you’re Slavic like me, may this piece serve as a reminder of the strong stock of your foremothers!


As we say in Serbian, “Živeli!” (pronounced “ZHEE-veh-lee”) / “To life!”

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