Hurry Up and Wait: The Astrology of March 2018

As with the month of January, the month of March will be bookended by two full moons: the Virgo Full Moon on March 1 (the subject of a previous post), and the Libra Full Moon on March 31. Between the alpha and the omega of the month, we have the major themes of the transition from Pisces to Aries energy (Venus will be changing signs twice this month), the tandem transit journey of Venus and Mercury ending mid-month as Mercury begins to slow down in His shadow period before stationing Retrograde on March 22, Mars entering Capricorn mid-month, a series of challenging squares, the Pisces New Moon and the Libra Full Moon. Phew! Strap on your seat belts!

The “Honeymoon Period” Between Venus and Mercury Goes Strong Before It Ends, Chiron Calls Woundedness to Our Individual and Collective Attention

The month begins with five planets in Pisces: the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune (cozy in His home sign until 2025), and Chiron (technically a “planetoid,” but that’s close enough for me). Fleet-footed Mercury and charming Venus continue their close pace of transits together, forming an exact conjunction on Sunday, March 4, when They both also form a glorious trine to expansive Jupiter in the fellow Water Sign of Scorpio. This is sweet energy that lends itself just as well to poetic musings and spiritual epiphanies as it does to reassessing your investment portfolio or even playing the lottery. Communications flow smoothly. The only “cautions” per se entail sensual overindulgences or reckless spending; set healthy boundaries for your bank account and your sexual health and enjoy the good vibes, which last about a day and a half.


Ah, But Chiron Rears His Wounded Head!

Chiron, the “Wounded Healer” named after the Centaur of ancient Greek lore, changes signs roughly every 4 years. It’s fitting, in His current transit through Pisces—a sign that can be associated with genuine victimhood or a self-sabotaging victim-martyr complex—that issues of woundedness are rising to the surface of our collective consciousness. When Venus and Mercury form their exact conjunction on March 4, they’ll also be forming a conjunction with Chiron as well, asking us to honor those parts within ourselves individually and societally that call out for healing and (self-)forgiveness. The trines to Jupiter in truth-telling Scorpio will also be bringing up issues of the abuses of power and sexuality for scrutiny under the light of conscious awareness. We must face these issues with total honesty in order to transmute them for our collective healing.

Hail and Welcome, Powers of Fire! Mercury and Venus Leap into Aries


Mercury and Venus both depart the Piscean waters in exchange for the Cardinal firepower of Aries on March 6: Mercury, fittingly, given His speedy nature, enters first at 1:34 a.m. (CST); Venus follows suit in the evening at 5:45 p.m. (CST). Both of these personal planets are rapidly traveling ahead of the Sun, and will be intensifying our desire to hasten the arrival of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). Venus trades in Her beguiling Piscean mermaid’s outfit for a sizzling red cocktail dress in Aries. Venus in Aries is adventurous and spontaneous in both love and financial affairs, craving stimuli and fickle to the needs of the moment, not what She valued the day before. Mercury in Aries can propel us into intellectual quantum leaps as well as the state of mind known in Zen Buddhism as “Beginner’s Mind.” Curiosity and exploration. Artistically, both planets may afford the artistically inclined with a whole new slew of projects to begin, but not necessarily the follow-through to see them to completion.

Jupiter Retrograde: March 8 – July 11, 2018


Our solar system’s outer planets spend up to 1/3 of the year in Retrograde (from Earth’s perspective) motion. Jupiter, our celestial Big Daddy, will be stationing Retrograde on March 8 at 10:45 p.m. (CST). Typically, outer planet Retrogrades are not the same kind of anxiety-inducing events that personal planet Retrogrades can be, especially the irritations caused by the much-maligned Mercury Retrograde. When Jupiter goes Retrograde, our focus shifts from outer expansion to the delving of our inner horizons and personal soulscapes. (I was born during a Jupiter Retrograde in my 12th House, so I’m very familiar with this phenomenon and love it, personally.) His transit in Scorpio, as mentioned earlier, will bring from the depths more revelations, highlighted in the media, around the intersectionality of sex and power and the abuses of both. Pay attention.

Planetary Squares Force Us to Heighten Our Emotional Intelligence

The buoyancy and optimism that began the month start to shift more towards a circumspect, cautious, and perhaps even exasperated nature starting around March 10, when a series of planetary squares (to Saturn, Pluto, and Mars) begin to deflate our collective bubbles. On March 10, Mercury at 7° of Aries squares Saturn at 7° of Capricorn; it may be a day of disillusionment, of newly generated ideas stopped cold by the Saturnian truth of their lack of feasibility. Three days later on March 13, Venus at 8° of Aries squares Saturn, and by this time, we may be feeling the weight of authority bearing down upon us; furthermore, romantic relationships will definitely be tested at this time. Ones that are already on shaky ground more than likely will not last, so be warned. Saturn’s willingness to sever ties is always in our best interest, even if it doesn’t feel like it when we’re going through the experience at the time!

The week of March 18 may be challenging for a lot of people. Venus squares Pluto on March 23, allowing hidden motivations and power plays in relationships to surface. The very next day, the Sun, at this point in Aries, squares Mars in Capricorn, and this can lead to experiences of running into proverbial brick walls, having challenges with authority, or even physical weakness in terms of energy levels. Car accidents are common during this kind of an aspect, so be cautious when driving and under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be drawn into road rage or other altercations with strangers. Since Mars also rules surgical implements, it is advisable to delay any surgeries at this time if you are able.

The last nasty square happens on March 31 between the Aries Sun and Saturn, and I’ll say more about that in a bit when I break down the Libra Full Moon.

The irritation levels of these squares are exacerbated by the fact that…

Mercury Goes Retrograde in Aries: March 22 – April 15 

Just two days after the Sun officially enters Aries and heralds the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere at 11:15 a.m. (CDT), Mercury begins His Retrograde two-step dance in the heavens. As always, during a Mercury Retrograde period (about 9-10 total weeks of each year), give yourself extra time for traveling where you need to, back up your data, and ensure that communications can flow with mutual understanding to offset any potential misinterpretations or lack of receipt of needed information. It is advisable to not sign legally binding documents at this time, which includes making major purchases such as automobiles or real estate or even going through the loan application process. So between now and March 17 or so, take steps to mitigate the potential SNAFUs Mercury Retrograde can cause: ensure your car has any needed repairs made beforehand, back up your hard drive beforehand, etc.

St. Patrick’s Day Brings Green Beer-Guzzling (in the USA) to a Whole New Level at the Pisces New Moon: Also, Mars Enters Capricorn

Here in my native Chicago, where much of the city’s population can trace their heritage back to the Emerald Isle, St. Patrick’s Day is something of a big deal; we call it, no matter your racial or ethnic background, being “CHI-rish.” 


Chicago annually dyes the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities will be, I predict, more memorable (and the hangovers the next day more severe) than most due to the impact of the New Moon at 26° Pisces at 8:12 a.m. (CDT). It’s an unstable New Moon on Mutable Energy overload, as the Pisces New Moon and Sun will be squaring Mars in the very last degree of Sagittarius. Aside from causing overall argumentativeness and irritability, this energy can prompt people to really drown their sorrows and the effects of escaping from reality (a routine Pisces knows well) will be harsher and longer-lasting than usual. A good day to avoid quarrelsome bar drunks if you can help it!

Later that New Moon morning, the Moon moves into Aries and Mars moves into the Earth Sign of Capricorn, a sign where He is exalted. Mars’ drive “plays well” with the ambition of Capricorn, so whereas the sign of Aries may excel at starting new projects, Aries’ ruler of Mars in Capricorn will ensure that they get completed. The Ram becomes the Mountain Goat, scaling to the top of the mountain and kicking people in the teeth who interfere along the way!


So on the other side of the Spring Equinox, we’ve got an Aries party going on, with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus getting us fired up about starting new projects in the season of growth and Life Force energy. Only Neptune and Chiron remain in Pisces.

Hail the Empress! Venus Enters Taurus Just Before the Libra Full Moon 

The month ends with the triumph of Venus entering Her home sign of Taurus at midnight on March 31 (CDT), where She becomes the fruitful, maternal, sensual, and abundant Empress of the Tarot.


Traveling far ahead of any of the other planets, Venus in Taurus will really make us yearn for the fullness of Spring even though it’s only the tail end of March. It’s a fantastic time for artists to begin new projects, to enjoy the serenity and beauty of art even if you don’t create any yourself, to enjoy nature and the Taurean pursuit of gardening, and to adopt a slower pace of life overall as Taurus the Bull enjoys scaling back Aries’ hurried pace.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.39.18 PM

The Libra Full Moon occurs on March 31 at 7:37 a.m. (CDT), meaning that if you partake of ritual Esbat celebrations, you will want to schedule yours for the night before. It’s going to be an intense full moon, one challenged by a t-square to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. Again, worst case scenario, there is the potential for violence and accidents to erupt, so be cautious out there. But since Libra is the other sign ruled by Venus, our attention ought to be on cultivating diplomatic, respectful ties with others and engaging in artistic pursuits. Make art, not war!

Be safe, make good choices, and enjoy this dynamic month!

As always, if you’d like me to see how these planetary transits will be affecting you personally and which houses in your natal chart will be emphasized by the volatility towards the latter half of March, contact me at jackalmoondesigns at gmail dot com and we can pull up your natal chart and cast your transits for the month and beyond!

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