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I thank today’s insanely creative astrological aspect of Taurus Sun trine Capricornian Pluto, in addition to my PMS-fueled personal energy boost (yaaasssss!), for the immense spate of personal creativity that had me bead 14 necklaces in the past 2 days and upload them for sale on my Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns.  Happily, two of my pieces, both made with antique pendants from Tibet (a Green Tara and a labradorite skull), have already sold and are en route to their buyers in different parts of the country. (I ship worldwide, actually!) Better still, take $10 off until May 14 with the coupon code 1STANNIVERSARY. Check out what’s available!

The stunner and my personal favorite is a hand-cast pewter Hekate set into polished yew wood for a pendant and strung on a 21.5-inch-long necklace with charoite, faceted labradorite, and purple iolite. The pendant is 2 inches in diameter.


Another gorgeous piece is dedicated to Lilith and features Botswanian malachite and Brazilian rhodonite beads and carved rose quartz skulls from India. The bronze pendant (2.25 inches long) is hand cast. The necklace measures 22 inches in length and drapes wonderfully over the heart chakra.


Three pieces are Eastern-themed: an antique Tibetan Buddha with lapis lazuli, a Tibetan deer (strung with garnet and moonstone beads in honor of Diana), and a two-sided Durga/Kali-Ma necklace with more of those awesome Indian rose quartz skulls!



And for pieces with more of a Celtic feel, I’ve got a sterling silver Witch Lord/Cernunnos/Gwyn ap Nudd/Horned God devotional necklace, a Green Man with Raku ceramic pendant and beads, and a Bone Mother Pagan Rosary.




I also do custom orders, like this large Green Man Raku ceramic bottle pendant with carved fluorite leaves and other gemstone and wood beads. He shipped out to his buyer earlier this morning also.



Thank you for looking! There’s more on the site, so check it out and take advantage of my first anniversary sale by using the coupon code 1STANNIVERSARY, good through May 14! As always, if you’re interested in a custom piece, email me at and let’s co-create some devotional mojo! Blessings!

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