Movement & Momentum: The Astrology of September 2018

The golden-rod is yellow;

The corn is turning brown;

The trees in apple orchards

With fruit are bending down…

By all these lovely tokens

September days are here,

With summer’s best of weather,

And autumn’s best of cheer.

—Helen Hunt Jackson, “September” (1892)

September opens on an optimistic note, having us all breathe easier with the confidence that the Summer of Stagnation, largely caused by Mars Retrograde, is behind us. The Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo welcomes change and poises those of us in the Northern Hemisphere at the point of literal and symbolic harvest in our lives, asking us to reflect on how the year’s experiences, expected events or not, have compelled us to grow. Wisdom is the art of applying knowledge that was hard-won from experience, and the Sun’s annual transit in Virgo, which lasts until September 22, requires that we all operate from actionable insights aligned with our highest integrity (this is the “purity” of the Virgo archetype). This harvesting process is expedited by the fact that all personal planets in our zodiac are moving direct this month. As a Cosmic Bonus, Virgo’s Ruling Planet of Mercury makes His ingress into Virgo the night of September 5 (9:40 p.m. CDT) and transits until September 22, blessing us all with clarity of thought, precision in communications, and good fortune in travel. But wait—there’s more!

The Grand Trine in Earth Signs Returns!

As soon as He makes His ingress into His home Sign of Virgo, Mercury kicks off a Grand Trine in Earth Signs (visible as an equilateral triangle pointing upright in blue in the illustration below), with Saturn at 2° of Capricorn and Uranus at 2° of Taurus, providing abundance, health, prosperity, and peace from practical decision-making in this season of the harvest. While this aspect, which lasts through September 22, is especially beneficial for Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn Sun Sign and Ascendant people, it also benefits the natives of Scorpio and Cancer with a positive sextile aspect. And anyone with natal planets in the orb of 0° to 5° in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer will benefit from this Grand Trine. Check to see if you have any planets in these signs and which Houses those planets occupy in your natal chart: those will be the life areas enhanced for the duration of this Grand Trine.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 7.32.30 PM

Image courtesy of planet

The trine between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn will be exact on September 7, one day after Saturn Himself stations Direct after His months-long Retrograde sojourn, helping us implement innovative changes (Uranus) without trashing the tried and true (Saturn).

Venus Enters Scorpio, Mars Enters Aquarius (Again)

On September 8, beguiling Venus, our Lady of Love and Beauty, sashays Her way through the final degree of Her home Sign of Libra, making a square to Mars in the final degree of His transit through Capricorn in the process. The Warrior Planet is exalted in the Sign of Capricorn and is generally not inclined to make compromises, so there could be some power struggles in relationships that day. Many will choose the sensible (the Virgo Sun advocates being sensible, after all) method of resolving such tensions with sexual fireworks in the boudoir. This tension could also be entirely confined to more artistic and aesthetic matters, such as making interior design choices or kicking off a new art project, both of which will benefit from Venus’ grace and style and Mars’ resolve to get shyte done.

Venus plunges headlong into the secretive, intense, and seductively deep waters of the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio the following morning (4:25 a.m.). Venus in Scorpio demands emotional intimacy of the most soul-baring nature, not just sexual loyalty.


Casual flings and superficial conversation don’t appeal to Her: daring to make yourself vulnerable and exposed do. She must be adored, and if you fail Her in that regard, be prepared to face Her sting when you least expect it, as Scorpio is known for being vindictive. Obsession and jealousy lurk in the depths of the Venus in Scorpio energetic current as well, but so do wildly enjoyable adventures in BDSM.

Mars enters the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius on September 10 (7:56 p.m.), traversing terrain that will certainly be familiar to us because He first made that ingress back in mid-May. So whatever Martian issues were present in your life back in the late spring (depending on which House transiting Mars traversed in your chart), which became subsequently stalled by Mars’ Retrograde period, will likely come back for a final review so that you can resolve it if you haven’t already done so.

The REAL Birthday for September-Born Virgos: The Virgo New Moon


I want to wish all my fellow Sun Sign Virgo readers a very happy birthday(!), whether you celebrated in late August or will be celebrating, like me and my Virgo Mom, this month. My birthday is on the 8th and the placement of the Virgo Sun in my chart (aside from being conjunct my natal Mercury) is at 16°. The Virgo New Moon is exact at 1:01 p.m. CDT on Sunday, September 9, and it’s going to feel like an additional/extended birthday celebration for me and any other Virgo with a similar natal Sun because this New Moon will be at 17° Virgo, conjunct my natal Sun’s placement. While that’s a powerful energetic boost on its own, this Virgo New Moon is also going to be forming a gorgeous sextile to jolly Jupiter in scintillating Scorpio and a trine to stabilizing Saturn in Capricorn, bringing grounding and centering (there are no less than 7 planets in Earth Signs at the time of this New Moon!), physical and spiritual healing, and a direct line to the Divine.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 8.33.03 PM

The high-level spiritual vibrations will be augmented by the Virgo Sun and Moon’s opposition to dreamy, Otherworldly Neptune at 15° of Pisces. This is excellent energy for creative writing or even automatic writing, or for doing energetic healing work, shamanic journeying, conducting séances or other forms of communing with spirits, engaging in spell work and witchcraft, and performing magical rituals, especially ones that incorporate a spiritual hygiene component like banishing negative energies or entities. Keep a dream journal accessible by your bed to record important messages from your subconscious for the next couple of nights.


A caution with Neptunian energy: People who are prone to alcoholism or who have substance abuse issues should mind the lower-vibrational siren song of this Neptunian opposition to Virgo. Many people may feel tempted to avoid the Cosmic “Reality Check” of the Sun’s annual transit in Virgo by escaping into the Piscean-dominated psychology of avoidance behaviors. Be mindful of your emotional triggers and steer clear of people and situations that are not for your highest good. Virgo rules physical health/the 6th House of the Zodiac, so this can be an excellent time to set the intention to commit to sobriety or implement any kind of regimen to improve your health and well-being. It all starts with making choices to implement healthy boundaries, a Virgo specialty. When all else fails, remember this: “No” is a complete sentence!

Some Cautionary Transits to Note Mid-Month

Two nights after the New Moon, Venus in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius and opposes Uranus in Taurus. This combination of energies can pose difficulties for a few reasons. First of all, Venus at this time will have begun to enter Her Retrograde shadow period: She stations Retrograde in Scorpio on October 4, so Her energetic qualities are not at their strongest. The square to Mars in Aquarius, which becomes exact on September 18, can bring disharmony at best or severe altercations leading to physical violence at worst, the latter unleashing itself without warning due to the opposition to Uranus.

An even stronger harbinger of violence and life-threatening accidents (head injuries from car crashes in particular) is also swept in from September 18-20 with the square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. I’ve written about this square before in my July monthly forecast so I won’t detail the dynamics again here, but suffice it to say this is a time to exercise extreme caution when driving or even working with electric circuitry, as the consequences of road rage or carelessness while driving or working with electric wiring can be lethal at this time. I’d also advise everyone to avoid undergoing surgery during these three days as well, as Mars rules surgical implements.

Hello, Libra! Hail and Welcome, Autumn!

On September 20, fleet-footed Mercury catches up with the Virgo Sun in the final degree of Virgo, giving another boost of mental energy before both planets make Their ingress into the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. Mercury enters first, on the 21st, and the Sun follows suit on the 22nd. And let me take the time to wish my September-born Sun Sign Libra readers a very happy birthday!

What’s fascinating about the modern zodiacal glyph of Libra—the scales of justice—is that the Goddess holding them has been excised from the picture! In the ancient Mediterranean world, the scales of Libra were part of the constellation of Virgo: the Goddess Astraea, a Maiden of Purity (the Virgo archetype), became so disgusted by the Fall of Humanity at the end of the Golden Age that She ascended into the heavenly sphere of fixed stars, holding Her scales to judge people for their wickedness. The Elizabethan English court poet Sir Edmund Spenser relates this myth in detail in Book V, Canto I (stanza 11) of his masterful epic, The Faerie Queene:

Now when the world with sinne gan to abound,
Astraea loathing lenger here to space
Mongst wicked men, in whom no truth she found,
Return’d to heauen, whence she deriu’d her race;
Where she hath now an euerlasting place,
Mongst those twelue signes, which nightly we doe see
The heauens bright-shining baudricke to enchace;
And is the Virgin, sixt in her degree,
And next her selfe her righteous ballance hanging be.

The Cardinal Signs of the Zodiac, of course, are the markers of the changing of the seasons, so in the Northern Hemisphere with the ingress of the Sun into Libra we welcome the golden and russet tinges of Autumn, known for its cool temperatures and shorter days, its continuance of the harvest, and its promise of my favorite time of year: Halloween/Samhain!


The Autumn Equinox brings with it an Air Trine of the Libra Sun to Mars in Aquarius, which is wonderful energy for innovation, as well as a couple of Reality Check-inducing planetary squares starting the following day: Mercury in Libra squares serious Saturn in Capricorn on the 23rd, and the Libra Sun makes its square to the Karmic Lord Saturn on the 25th. This latter square can bring elements of frustration to business negotiations and even romantic interludes, so try to cultivate patience and diplomacy.

The Aries Full Moon: Our Core Wounds Arise 


The Moon will be Full and at 0° of Aries at 9:52 p.m. CDT the night of Monday, September 24. The unhappy aspect of this Full Moon is that it’s going to be conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, so emotional distress surrounding the core wounds we’ve been tasked with acknowledging and treating in this lifetime could be kicking into high gear within 48 hours of the Moon reaching its apogee of fullness. (Your karmic wound is indicated in your natal chart by the sign and placement of Chiron, and any aspects He forms to other planets in your chart. I have my natal Chiron at 2° of Aries in my 2nd House of Earned Income, so it’s no wonder financial anxiety is looming large as a prominent theme of this Full Moon for me.) Adding to the unpleasantness is a t-square formed by the Moon’s opposition to Mercury in Libra and the squares of both the Libra Sun and Mercury to Saturn in Capricorn. A footloose and fancy-free Moon this will not be. Serious Shadow work should be on everyone’s agenda.

Aries, the Sign of Cardinal Fire with a Me-Me-Me-Meeee mentality, always calls us to act in our best interests and with courage, so this Moon is not the time to be sitting on our asses, captive to our fears. The good news is that the Aries Moon is bolstered by a trine to Aries’ ruler, Mars, in Aquarius, which, in turn, is conjunct the transiting South Node in Aquarius. What does this mean? The South Node in Aquarius is all about clearing and moving away from that which no longer serves us, so this Moon-Trine-Mars-Conjunct-South Node is calling us to squarely face our karmic wounds and do what we can with the resources available (whether that’s seeking the help of a trained therapist, doing magical rituals or shamanic Underworld journeys, or all of the above!) to consciously clear those wounds so they don’t keep repeating themselves. Have you ever had the same story repeat itself in your life over the span of several years, but with a different set of characters each time? That means you haven’t done your Chiron-activated karmic clearing work, and until you do, you’re going to keep reenacting that bad movie script for yourself. As a Nick Cage-slapping Cher declares in Moonstruck: “Snap out of it!” The Aries Moon would agree.

Pluto Turns Direct


The last day of the month will witness Pluto’s Direct station in Capricorn, which means that His Underworld-fueled quest for death and rebirth will resume in full gear. I don’t see Pluto’s transits as affecting us individually as much as socially, and the movements Retrograde and Direct in Capricorn, the Saturnian Sign which rules laws and governments, will herald sweeping changes over the long term. The news headlines will provide ample indications of the shenanigans on the world stage that feel so very much out of our control.

All told, however, this is going to be a month of welcome reminders that we’ve entered a new landscape, one far removed from the dramatic shake-ups of the eclipse season we’ve emerged from. Take care and be well.

Post-Script: Asking for Prayers for My Father

I’ve been largely offline and not even at my own home much at all since August 4, when my father was shockingly admitted to the emergency room of a local hospital with what turned out to be a tumor-related blockage in his small intestine. He underwent an emergency surgery that night, and the biopsy results came back with the very sad news of a diagnosis of lymphatic cancer. Since my dad was the primary caregiver for my physically disabled mother before he became ill, I’ve been pulling double caregiver duty for them both and have had little time for blogging or anything else. Dad was discharged on the 21st of August and I’ve begun taking him to his chemotherapy sessions at an outpatient facility as of the 30th of August. I’m worried sick and I’m exhausted (I think I’ve aged 5 years in the past 5 weeks), my mother is terrified, and it’s just the 3 of us in this country. My Dad is six-feet-five-inches tall, and he now weighs only 124 pounds/56.5 kilograms. If you could spare any prayers for him to respond well to his treatment or send him energetic healing, we would be deeply grateful! Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Movement & Momentum: The Astrology of September 2018

  1. I am lighting a healing candle for your Father.
    I appeal to Great Mother Isis for him, your Mother & for your wellbeing, as it is so hard to care for your parents. May sleep come to you & refresh your body, mind & spirit. Your parents are blessed to have such a loving & caring daughter.

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  2. Prayers for your father, your mother, and double prayers for the brave caregiver. ❤ Thank you again for all that you do. May strength find you when you need it, may healing find your father. Blessed Be!

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