Shift Happens: The Astrology of November 2018

This month we have no less than 7 planetary bodies dramatically changing signs and affecting the energy patterns of the Collective Consciousness, and as of the time of this writing, November 6 (mid-term Election Day in the United States: fellow Americans, I hope you voted!), two of them will be set in motion by day’s end with effects to be felt for the next 12-18 months. Let’s just jump right into it.

Please note all times given for planetary transits reflect Central Standard Time in the U.S. Please adjust for your time zones accordingly!

November 6: Shift in the Nodal Axis from Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn


These weird little glyphs depicted above (that make me think of body piercings, ha ha) symbolize the Moon’s North and South Nodes, respectively. Astronomically situated on the ecliptic (always opposite each other) and following an (approximate) 18-month cycle, they serve as harbingers of the eclipses the Moon and Sun will undergo in a given season. Esoterically, however, they respectively serve as the collective and individual Dharma and Karma we are all being tasked with adopting: The North Node, known as Rahu (head of a cosmic serpent as envisioned in Vedic Astrology), marks what we should be moving towards for our Dharma/taking on for our soul’s growth. Conversely, the South Node, called Ketu (the serpent’s tail), epitomizes what we should be karmically moving away from/clearing away and releasing in order to move on towards greater levels of liberation (from moksha, the “wheel of suffering” associated with each incarnation) and expansion of cosmic consciousness. 

The nature of the Dharma and Karma Rahu and Ketu characterize depends on which zodiac signs they’re transiting. So, for example, we just spent the past 18 months completing the Nodal Axis of the North Node transiting Leo and the South Node transiting Aquarius. These transits activated very powerful eclipses this past summer, all of which were amplified by the volatility of Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and other planetary transits that made aspects to Rahu and Ketu. By 10:30 p.m. CST, Rahu and Ketu will have left Leo and Aquarius and made their respective ingresses into the Nodal Axis of Cancer and Capricorn, where they will respectively transit for the next 18 months, setting the stages for the 2019 cycle of eclipses.

This is an extremely important shift for a variety of reasons. The North Node moves us away from Leo’s self-centered “What’s in it for me?” attitude and asks us to infuse our Dharma with the emotional intelligence of Cancer, which is focused on how we nurture ourselves and receive nurturing from others. And the karmic clearing of Ketu shifts from the humanitarian, “group mind” concerns of Aquarius to the Capricornian structures that govern how we organize and run society. Like it or not, we’re being tasked with karmically purging ourselves of outmoded concepts of (governmental) structures, laws, and goals (e.g., the attitude that “Greed is good”) that we once formerly held dear. I personally do believe those of us in the U.S. will experience total social collapse in our lifetimes—I’ve had visions of it ever since 1994, years before I came to consciousness about the American political system of Oligarchy (I’m also tempted to call it a Kleptocracy, the rule of thieves) that masquerades as a domestic and international benevolent force of Democracy—and this Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis will definitely chip away at late-stage capitalism in good measure.

Additionally, the Cancer-Capricorn axis was known in the ancient Mediterranean world as the “Gateway of Souls.” The Mystery Religion of the Persian God Mithras, for example, was famous for regarding the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn as the avenues, aligned with the Milky Way, through which human souls came onto this Earth plane to be incarnated and through which they returned to the sphere of the Fixed Stars after death. The Tropic of Capricorn on the celestial equator was celebrated at the Gateway of the Winter Solstice, the date of the Nativity of the God, Mithras.


Statue of the Infant Mithras, born wielding a torch and a dagger. Vatican Museum, Italy.


November 6: Uranus Retrograde in Aries

As if the Nodal Axis shifting signs weren’t enough of a Cosmic Event for one day, we also have Uranus stationing Retrograde, backing into the 29° mark of Aries at 1 p.m. CST the afternoon of November 6. Uranus is something of a Trickster figure of all the planets in our solar system, esoterically speaking, and functions as a Great Awakener. Uranus spends 7 years transiting each sign of our zodiac in its 84-year cycle, and it only just recently left Aries this May after a transit that began in 2011. Think back to the past 7 years in terms of how they marked your self-development; with Uranus re-entering Aries during its Retrograde, a transit which lasts through early March, you’ll get to revisit issues of how you have or you haven’t actualized your potential as a sacred Self and make needed course corrections in manifesting your True Will.


November 6 packs quite a wallop, as the chart I formulated depicts. Note the North and South Node in opposition to each other in the 12th and 6th Houses, respectively. Uranus is shown Retrograde in House 10, and Jupiter is literally minutes away from making His transit into His home sign of Sagittarius. Image (c) Anna Urošević Applegate 2018.


November 7: New Moon in Scorpio

crescent moon_1853110__340

The death and rebirth process typified by the Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis mentioned earlier is amplified by this potent New Moon in Scorpio, the zodiac sign of death and rebirth par excellence, which is exact at 10:02 a.m. CST on Wednesday, November 7. The Moon and Sun will be at 15° Scorpio, with Jupiter getting ready to “jump the fence” in the final degree of Scorpio (29°) and soon make His ingress into His home sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. The Scorpio Moon and Sun will be sextiled by powerful Pluto at 19° of Capricorn and trined by dreamy Neptune at 13° of Pisces. These Elemental energies of Water and Earth relate to the Underworld. 

This energy is truly excellent for engaging in ritualistic pursuits like ceremonial magic or shamanism, mediumship/spirit communication, automatic writing, and other occult pursuits. Neptune’s role absolutely makes notable plunges into the Depths possible, but can also carry a bit of escapism, illusion, and deception from other people (or spirits) possible so do be careful. Also, try to steer clear from alcohol and narcotic substances, as the effects can be surprisingly detrimental at this time.


November 8, “A New Hope”: Jupiter Begins His 13-Month Transit Into His Home Sign of Sagittarius

Our King of the Planetary Gods hailed in the geocentric astrology of the past as the “Greater Benefic” spends about 12-13 months transiting each sign of our zodiac in His cycle around the Sun. On November 8 at 6:38 a.m. CST, Jupiter makes His ingress into the sign that He rules, Sagittarius, where He will transit through early December of 2019. The significance of this particular shift cannot be emphasized enough: Not only is Jupiter exiting the dark, brooding, Fixed Waters of Scorpio and entering the optimism and the inspiration of the element of Mutable Fire, but He is “going home,” so to speak, and Sun Sign Sagittarians or anyone with Jupiter in Sagittarius in their natal charts are really going to benefit from this most auspicious transit for the next 13 months.

Sagittarius is a cheerful, hopeful sign and always in pursuit of a great adventure, be it literal travel to far-flung places to explore cultures and belief systems that are foreign to one’s own or figurative travel via the expansion of the mind through the lofty pursuits of philosophical and religious thinking. Sagittarius also rules the means of broadcasting that expanded thinking or trafficking in ideas, chiefly publishing and advertising.  For Sagittarius, goal-setting is entirely aspirational: far from exuding the calculating methods of, say, Capricorn in determining how and when those goals will be attained, Sagittarius surveys the big picture and sees further out into the future instead of dealing with the granular details of the present.

Since Jupiter as a planet likes to expand whatever He touches, it’s important to know where Sagittarius energy is expressed in your natal chart and Jupiter’s placement in your natal and progressed charts as well as which House Jupiter will be transiting whilst in Sagittarius in order to know which aspects of life are going to grow exponentially, energetically speaking, for the next 13 months. For example, in my natal chart, Sagittarius rules my 10th House of Career and Worldly Status, and transiting Jupiter is eventually going to join forces with my natal Neptune, really augmenting, I believe, my Priestess Craft and the spiritual work I do in the world as my sacred vocation.

As much of a blessing as Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio has been, especially by shining a light on the murky cultural phenomena of sexual violence, which gave rise to the ensuring #MeToo movement, Scorpio energy is very heavy and foreboding and for much of 2017 and this year, a sense of hope seemed very, very remote. However, Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius will bring a newfound sense of hope and encouragement; that, coupled with the North Node in Cancer’s directive to be a conduit for nurturing and kindness, can absolutely be a foundation for acting as a force for healing in the world.


Other Key Planetary Transits and Aspects for the Month

On November 9, the Moon enters Sagittarius and joins the Sagittarius party that Jupiter and Mercury are having. On that same day, Mars in the waning degrees of Aquarius trines Retrograde Venus in Libra, asking us to reestablish a sense of balance in all our relationships as well as commit ourselves to new artistic projects that we may have been putting onto the proverbial back burner. 

There may be a couple of days of feeling irritated from perceived obstacles on November 11 and 12 as the Scorpio Sun semi-squares Saturn in Capricorn and Mercury in Sagittarius semisquares Retrograde Venus in Libra, but for any hiccup that surfaces in events or communications, know that “this too shall pass.”

November 15: Mars Enters Pisces

Some planets enjoy transiting certain signs and other planets loathe their sojourns in those same signs. Thus while Venus is exalted in Pisces and attunes our Highest Selves to agape love, Mars is at His detriment in this sign of Mutable Water. He. Just. Hates. It. Thus it’s not uncommon for many people to feel an extreme sense of lethargy (Mars rules our energy levels) or even physical illness when Mars begrudgingly slogs His way through Neptune’s domain. Think of this period as the necessary “rest stop” Mars has to undergo to fuel Himself before firing out of the gate at all cylinders when He makes His ingress into His home sign of Aries on December 31.

A good application of Mars’ transit in Pisces is turning your energetic focus inward instead of outward and zeroing in on practicing occult or spiritual activities.


November 16: Venus Turns Direct in Libra and Mercury Goes Retrograde in Sagittarius

Turning your energetic focus inward is also going to be amplified the next day as Mercury stations Retrograde at 13° of Sagittarius at 7:33 p.m. CST. His Retrograde period lasts until December 6, and it is, mercifully, the last one of the year. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius invites us to do a mental review of the past year and examine how our core beliefs may need revising. What formerly long-held philosophical or even spiritual views of yours need tweaking to align themselves with the person you are today? This three-week period is an ideal time to reflect and revise. Of course, the old stand-by cautions about Mercury Retrograde periods apply here too: give yourself extra time for getting to where you need to go, back up your computer’s important files, try to avoid signing contracts or making big-ticket purchases if you can help it, and et cetera.

Venus stations Direct at 25° of Libra before 5 a.m. on the 16th, ending Her 40-day Retrograde period that began in Scorpionic Waters demanding vengeance or the intensifying of obsession. Now, She’s demanding fair play and harmony for all. She also wants to infuse our beauty-hungry world with aesthetic innovations and visually pleasing retreats from the bleak and monotonous.

Note that the period of time from the 15th to the 18th or so may feel disorienting, so please be gentle with yourselves (and understanding of Mars’ sluggishness in Pisces). It may also seem as though you’re not making any headway out in “the real world,” and the level of frustration you may feel from this Cosmic Conspiracy to Go Inward can wreak havoc on your nerves, so try to steer clear of making any important decisions if you can and just give yourself ample time to adjust to these radical energy shifts.


November 20: Mars Squares Jupiter

When the planet of our Ego, Will, and Life Force Energy squares the optimistic planet that loves to expand what He touches, we can set ourselves up for the phenomenon of taking on more than we’re realistically capable of handling. Be careful about saying “yes” to everything asked of you by everyone, or taking on too many projects at work, or especially OVERSPENDING. In our overexcited state, wherein we get charged up by perhaps unrealistic (Pisces) possibilities, we can also overindulge in food and drink: don’t forget that Jupiter likes to expand our waistlines as well, so watch out!


November 22: The Sun Enters Sagittarius and There’s a Gemini Full Moon


All of the 4 Mutable Signs herald the transition from one season to another. In the case of the Sun entering Sagittarius, which it will in the wee hours of Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving in the U.S.), the seasonal energies are morphing from autumn to winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Nevertheless, the energies are warm and social, oriented around fellowship and the exchange of ideas—if you think about it, Thanksgiving is the penultimate Sagittarian holiday.

The Sun’s transit in Scorpio plunged us deep into the Underworld, but with the ingress into Sagittarius, we are baptized by Mutable Fire and discover what’s worth pursuing in this world of big blue skies and wide open spaces.

Opposing the Mutable Fire Sagittarius Sun is the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini the Twins, the territory the Moon will be in at 11:39 p.m. when it reaches its apogee of Fullness at 1° of Gemini. This Full Moon will be squaring Mars in Pisces, so there may be some emotional drama, but by and large the energies are largely celebratory ones, as both Gemini and Sagittarius love to party.


November 29—December 2: The Sagittarius Sun Squares Mars in Pisces

The month ends on a potentially hazardous note with this square, which can actually manifest as injuries involving the legs (ruled by Sagittarius) and feet (ruled by Pisces), so please exercise personal caution the last weekend of the month. This aspect, unfortunately, can also manifest in the rather ugly form of religious fundamentalism-fueled violence, the kind carried out by extremists (patriarchal monotheists, I’m looking at YOU!). The darker side of Jupiter and the Sun in Sagittarius, when ill-aspected to other planets, involves religious fundamentalism and extremely binary “My views are correct/orthodox/sanctioned; you’re all going to Hell!”

This aspect can also be a harbinger of physical illness, of feeling absolutely depleted of energy, so be sure to get ample rest (but not too much rest, since Pisces is prone to laziness!) and load up on your intake of vitamin C and probiotics.

In summary, these drastic energetic shifts in the astrology will absolutely be ones that you process viscerally, so step up your self-care regimen in general and give thanks that the latter half of December will entail relatively smooth sailing for us to bid adieu to 2018 and to welcome the New Year!

As always, if you have any questions about your natal chart or would like to have your progressions or transits forecast, please contact me at to discuss my Astrology services! Thank you! 

(c) Anna Urošević Applegate





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