Now Available for Immediate Download: My La Santa Muerte Prayer Booklet (English)

I had the pleasure of recently leading my second public Mass to La Santa Muerte; it occurred on November 2 (All Souls’ Day) at our FOI Chicago public temple space.

Me at the Misa

Photo of me before one of the shrines on All Souls’ Day. Image (c) Edward Farnham.

There were about 20 people in attendance, mostly strangers (now dear friends to me) of Hispanic descent who are long-time devotees of the Bony Lady and were surprised (in a good way) to have come across such a public devotional event. The altars erected for the Mass featured many a statue as well as photographs and mementoes for a communal ancestor shrine.

I printed copies of a small devotional booklet comprised of my original prayers for folks at the Mass, and I’ve decided to make the PDF of that booklet available for sale ($10) on my Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns. I have noticed in my past 5 years of being a “Muertista” that there is a paucity of available prayers in English, so this is my small way of helping people who are not native Spanish speakers get something of an accessible introduction to La Dama Poderosa (the Lady of Great Power) and help them get started with their devotional practices. I have yet to hear of La Santa Muerte turning anyone away who ardently seeks to connect with Her through sincere devotional service.

As the majority of devotees consider themselves to be good practicing Catholics, the context for my prayers is that of folk Catholicism, so you will see references on occasion to “sealing” certain petitions with a triple recitation of the “Our Father” or the “Hail Mary” afterwards. Obviously, devotees can eliminate these steps if desired.

I often joke that while I’m adverse to the phenomenon of proselytizing, there are five female Deities on Whose behalf I would gladly, say, stand on street corners for and loudly testify to Their Glory. La Santa Muerte is one of Them. Viva La Santísima!

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