My Year-Wheel Tarot Reading for 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! Last night I performed my time-honored divination ritual, casting my 13-card Year-Wheel/12 Houses of the Zodiac Tarot spread to see what 2019 has in store for me month-by-month as well as filtered through the aspects of life experience denoted in the zodiacal 12 Houses of Western astrology. I carved some space and about an hour to myself amidst the revels at a friend’s house, and I think he and his two adorable Havanese dogs (sisters from the same litter) proved to be good luck charms for my reading, as I haven’t drawn such an awesome spread in a long time!



The good luck Havanese pups CeCe (left) and Suky (right) took a keen interest in my reading.

I was excited to be working with a brand new deck, recently gifted to me at Yule by my best friend, Richie. It’s the Bianco Nero Tarot, newly published by U.S. Games Systems; the stunning artwork is by a young and extremely talented Roman artist named Marco Proietto. When I first opened the deck on Winter Solstice morning and began shuffling the cards, I felt energies that I’d only ever previously ascribed to Rune sets: these cards aren’t two-dimensional, “flat” pieces of art on inert paper stock—they are Living Things! Everyone I’ve shown the cards to since has agreed with me. I invite you to check them out for yourself!

I began to do a series of deep breaths from my diaphragm while I shuffled the cards in a zoned-off space on my friend Edward’s living room floor. I faced East, as I always do when getting ready to draw my cards for the New Year. I attuned to one of my Patron Deities, the Goddess Hekate, and I began to chant this impromptu prayer:

Hidden Hekate, to me show

What it is that I must know!

The baleful past I now let go;

In love and wisdom I do grow!

Visit me this night

With divination and the Sight!


After feeling that the cards had been adequately shuffled, I fanned them, face down, to my left. I let my dominant hand choose the 13 cards individually, and I lay them face down with the Significator card first, in what would be the center of the Year-Wheel/Zodiac, and the cards laid out counterclockwise per the sequencing of the 12 Houses of the Zodiac, starting with the First House (representing the month of January) in the “9:00” position of the “clock face” of the spread, and finishing with the Twelfth House in the “10:00” position. I then turned the cards face-up. This is the result:


In the center is the Significator card of Temperance. The cards for the month for the year/12 Houses of the Zodiac are Ace of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, 9 of Cups, 8 of Swords, The Magician, 3 of Cups, 4 of Cups, Ace of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, and the Hermit, respectively.

Significator Card: My theme for 2019 overall is denoted by the Major Arcana card of Temperance. This is an extremely powerful Messenger of Healing, of integrating various aspects of myself to achieve self-mastery, the inner alchemy of balance is the promise. Works of healing can be done in a cooperative spirit with others as well. What a wonderful card to imprint the year overall!



Month of January/First House of the Self: The Ace of Cups. This New Year will really feel like an emotional slate is being wiped clean for me, with profound spiritual beginnings shaping my life and my heart for all, leading to emotional fulfillment and joy. An outpouring of love, creativity, fertility at every level. New romance, too. I’ll take it!



Month of February/Second House of Earned Income: The 6 of Pentacles. This is an awesome card that denotes financial robustness to the degree that it makes it possible for me to be highly generous/philanthropic with my disposable income. Gifts/Financial windfalls coming my way, a new job, higher salary. Yes, please! 

Month of March/Third House of Communications and Short-Term Travel: The 9 of Cups. I call this joyful card the “sitting pretty” of the Tarot. I’m emotionally sated, blissed out. Marketing efforts to expand the outreach of my brand will be well rewarded, as will the one trip in particular I plan on taking around Spring Equinox weekend. I’m looking forward to it!

Month of April/Fourth House of Home, Family, and Life Foundations: The 8 of Swords. This is the only negative card that I drew, and it’s a reminder that my anxiety about my parents is inflated by my own runaway, fear-based thinking. So this card is my caution for me to not indulge in such self-defeating, and fruitless, mental pursuits. If it were the 9 or 10 of Swords I would certainly interpret this House placement as dire commentary on my father’s cancer situation, but since this is the 8, it shows I’m the one in mental bondage to my own anxiety, which may or may not have a basis in reality.



Month of May/Fifth House of Creative Self-Expression and Romance: The Magician. New beginnings wherein I will be master of my elements are foretold by this card, so new writing and media projects of mine will certainly come to bear fruit thanks to my supreme creative powers, and I just might either meet (conjure?) a new romantic partner or deepen the commitment to the partner predicted by the January Ace of Cups! Either way you slice it, this is an amazing card and I’m really looking forward to seeing what manifests in the Taurean period of May, which is always one of my favorite times of the year.

Month of June/Sixth House of Health, Work, and Service: The 3 of Cups. Another joyful Cups card to welcome in the Summer! I love it! My health will be vibrant. There will be plenty of reasons to celebrate: the Three Graces are toasting a turn for the better in my life. Work will be pleasurable and the success I reap from my accomplishments, effortless. Suh-WEET!




Month of July/Seventh House of Marriage and Partnerships: The 4 of Cups. This card speaks to a brief bout of the “blahs,” of having several choices at my feet but none of them really turn me on. There is the caution of missing out on a business opportunity with a partner if I don’t act swiftly, so I’m curious to see what develops here. Whatever the cause of inertia or disinterest, it doesn’t last long, because look what comes my way for August!

Month of August/Eighth House of Passive Income, the Occult, and Renewal: Ace of Pentacles. I love that my Tarot spread features two Aces: the Water of Emotional Beginnings from January’s Ace of Cups is nicely complemented by Earthy new financial beginnings heralded by the Ace of Pentacles. Passive income streams will be really coming through for me: insurance payouts, refunds, bonuses, maybe even a lucky lottery ticket? My metaphysical/occult pursuits will also “level up.” This is very exciting and I can’t wait to welcome the Lammastide energies!

Month of September/Ninth House of Expanded Horizons: The 4 of Wands. I absolutely love this card, and it makes me very hopeful for my Virgo birth month! It’s the time to celebrate a great accomplishment—party hard for work very well done. This is also a card of supreme domestic bliss, even marriage! Now wouldn’t that be just something, ha ha! It’s a time of increase and to thrive in society. As an extrovert, this truly warms my heart! This card can also indicate a family reunion, and since it’s in the Jupiter-ruled Ninth House of long-distance travel and interaction with “foreign” cultures, I wonder if I could be heading back to Serbia to be with family I haven’t seen in years. That would be fantastic!



Month of October/Tenth House of Career and Worldly Status: The 8 of Pentacles. The skills that I showcase in the month of October are going to garner me favorable renown. I’m approaching my goals with tenacity. This could also indicate a job upgrade or career advancement. Sounds good to me!

Month of November/Eleventh House of Friends, Groups, and Hopes: The Queen of Cups. I sense that the psychic woman indicated in this card is me (I actually modeled as the Queen of Cups for a friend’s privately published Tarot deck set in Chicago), and that I’ll be doing a lot of mentoring in the Pagan community to small groups of individuals looking to develop their magical potential. My own psychic abilities will be off the charts so I will make a note to myself to pay extra attention to my intuitive insights and my dreams that month, as well as insights from spirit communications. This card can also betoken having great success with my artistic pursuits, so it might be time for me to get back into sculpting and painting as well. Lastly, friends of mine who are Water Signs will probably play an important emotional role for me in November. Time to share the love!




Month of December/Twelfth House of Hidden Mysteries: The Hermit. What a fantastic way to close out the year, and what an apt correlation for me as a Virgo to get the quintessential Virgo card in this very Occult-aspected House! It’s time to go solo/go within and meditate on the Cosmic Mysteries, led by my own inner Lamp of Wisdom. This is the kind of thing I like to do during the “holiDAZE” anyways, tuning out the crass, commercially enforced impetus to expend tons of energy (and money!) in the outer world when we should all really be following the laws of Nature (as I experience them here in the Northern Hemisphere, where Chicago winters are rough) and settling into stillness and introspection. “Doing” is replaced by “being.”

Overall Analysis

I have three Major Arcana cards in this spread: my Significator (lending a fated quality to  this year) of Temperance, the Magician for May, and the Hermit for December. In terms of the Elemental breakdown of the four Minor Arcana suits, Water predominates as I have 5 Cups cards: the Ace, the 9 of Cups, the 3 of Cups, the 4 of Cups, and the Queen of Cups. The Queen is my only Court card. The Earth Element has the next-highest representation with 3 Pentacles cards: The 6, the Ace, and the 8 of Pentacles. I have only one Swords card (thankfully!): the 8; and one Wands card (the 4), showing that this is not going to be a Masculine/Yang Air or Fire year for me. The energy of Water and Earth which prevails instead is very Yin. 

Cheers to a New Year of peace, power, and potentiality to us all! Happy 2019, everyone!




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