“Tending to the Ancestors”: The Winter 2018-2019 Issue of Isis-Seshat Journal Is Now Available!

It gives me great pleasure to announce, after several days of intensive copy editing and graphical layout, that the 48-page, full-color Winter 2018-2019 issue of Isis-Seshat journal has officially been released! With its theme of “Tending to the Ancestors,” the issue features various Polytheists’, Pagans’, and Witches’ perspectives on the importance of  cultivating and maintaining ancestor veneration in their daily devotional practices, how they do it, or why they abstain. Hailing from no less than 3 different continents, this issue’s contributors reflect a world of culturally contextualized traditions, from the Heathenry/Teutonic Polytheism of Northern and Central Europe to West African and Afro-Cuban Diaspora religions. I’m so deeply thankful to the gorgeous and deeply personal original works of art, poetry, and essays that were sent to me as submissions! This issue would not have been possible without so many peoples’ support.

Why this topic?


Many people who identify as Polytheist or Pagan incorporate a robust devotional practice of ancestor veneration in their everyday spirituality, while for others, the issue is very complicated. What does it mean to tend to the ancestors? Is one confined to just commemorating the dead of their bloodlines? What about spiritual ancestors? What are some ways to get a devotional practice started? What do you do if there is a legacy of abuse or trauma in your family background and you do not wish to honor certain relatives who have passed on? These and other issues are explored in this Winter issue of Isis-Seshat journal.

Representing well-known authors in the Pagan community as well as newcomers, Isis-Seshat serves as a platform for all voices to be heard. One does not need to be a member of the Fellowship of Isis to contribute content to the magazine.

Here’s the table of contents for the Winter 2018-2019 Issue:

Cover Art, I Am the Body of My Ancestors, by Roger Williamson
“Ancestral Lady” by Chelsea Luellon Bolton
Letter from the Executive Editor by Anna Applegate
“The Ancestors” by Steven Bragg
“Ancestor Magick” by Chris Allaun
“First Office of the Dead” by Oisín Doyle
“A Ritual to Elevate the Troubled Dead” by Galina Krasskova
“Honoring the Dead—When the Dead Deserve Our Honor” by Carrie Overton
“Communicating With My Blessed Dead” by Setjataset
“Our Mothers’ Lands” by Catherine Carr
“The Past Is Not Dead—It’s Not Even the Past” by Leni Hester
“Mitrovski Zadušnice: The Serbian All Souls’ Day Heralding the Start of Winter” by Anna Applegate
“Sacred Wells and Ancestors’ Trackways in Germany’s Teutoburg Forest” by Claudia Hamsadevi
“An Inheritance of Blood and Bone” by Catherine Carr
Book Reviews: Tony Mierzwicki’s Hellenismos (2018) and Orapello and Maguire’s Besom, Stang & Sword (2018) by Anna Applegate
About Our Contributors (Contributor Index)
Fellowship of Isis Manifesto

Isis-Seshat is a quarterly publication of the worldwide Fellowship of Isis (FOI). I have served as the Executive Editor since 2013, when I made a promise to my dying ArchPriestess, the Rt. Rev. Deena Butta of the Chicago-based Lyceum of Alexandria, that I would continue her 35-year legacy of publishing this magazine.

While I’m looking into getting the issue printed, for the time being PDF copies are available for immediate download/purchase on my Etsy site (JackalMoonDesigns).

As yesterday marked the six-year anniversary of the death of the late Rt. Rev. Deena Butta, I dedicated this issue of Isis-Seshat in her honor. Hail, our beloved and blessed dead!




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