Check Out My Newest JackalMoonDesigns Jewelry Listings on Etsy!

I’ve been a very busy gemstone-beading bee lately: yesterday, in fact, I made 6 devotional gemstone necklaces and uploaded them to my Etsy site, Jackal Moon Designs, and one (my Green Tara devotional piece) sold within minutes of it being advertised on Facebook yesterday afternoon. Here are the remaining five.

For Heathens

For the Heathens/Norse Tradition Polytheists out there, I’ve got two pieces that may be of interest. The pendants for both are sterling silver. A Mjöllnír/Thor Hammer set in a necklace of highly prized Kingman turquoise beads and Baltic amber beads, and a fiery gemstone combination of yellow jasper, carnelian, and Baltic amber beads in a necklace that evokes the Rune-might of Kenaz, the torch.

Minoan Snake Goddess Necklace

Then for lovers of the ancient and mysterious Minoan Snake Goddess, as She has come to be known to us, I have this necklace that features a hand-cast sterling silver pendant of the Goddess holding aloft Her serpents. Stones included are labradorite beads and Kingman turquoise.

Bronze Pan Necklace

Who doesn’t love the Great God Pan? The necklace I made to honor Him is my longest one to date: it measures 28.5 inches and the hand-cast brass pendant that depicts the God hopping on one cloven foot whilst playing His famed Pan pipes measures 1.5 inches long by three quarters of an inch wide. The stones featured are red tiger’s eye to celebrate masculine potency, bloodstone carved leaves and rake-fired ceramic tree beads to illustrate the wild domain of Pan, and Kingman turquoise (can you tell I’m in love with this stone?!) beads serve as spacers. This necklace features a magnetic clasp.

Scottish Thistle Pentagram Necklace

And for you Scottish Witches out there, why not showcase both your pride in your spiritual and Celtic identities with this unique pentagram necklace? This is also hand-cast sterling silver. You can practically feel the bristles of the thistle leaves! The gemstone beads in this one are faceted snowflake obsidian, bloodstone carved leaves, amethyst, and, yes–you guessed it–Kingman turquoise! Alba gu bràth! / Scotland Forever! (cheers this honorary Scot by marriage)!


Thanks for taking a look! I also do custom work for clients so email me at if you’d like to discuss something made just for you!



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