To La Santa Muerte Verde, a Third Night of Praise

On this New Year’s Eve, as I sit and reflect on the life-altering events I’ve experienced in the past 12 months, I salute La Santa Muerte Verde once again. This is night 3 of my public devotional novena to Her. She is deserving of such thanks and praise!

Holy and Virtuous Death,

Miraculous Lady of Majesty,

I give You thanks and praise!

You are the Mother of Eternal Justice,

Holding aloft the Scales of Cosmic Order.

You see into the hearts of the wicked and the good

Here on Earth,

And I ask that You continue to champion the weak and the vulnerable.

Protect them from corrupt judges, prison wardens, lawyers, and anyone who commits perjury.

Strike down injustice in its myriad of manifestations and the totality of its systemic oppression.

La Niña Bonita,

At the right time You will judge me and take all the words

I have ever pronounced

And all the deeds

I have ever committed

As the measure of my punishment or my absolution.

En Dios creo, pero en Ti confío! (In God I believe, but in You I trust!)

Viva La Santísima!

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