To La Santa Muerte Verde, a 6th Night of Praise

It’s night 6 in my public novena honoring La Santa Muerte Verde. As I rest and refresh myself, gearing up for the new week ahead, I give thanks and praise to the Bony Lady. Let us pray.

Most Holy Death,

I kneel at Your feet to implore You

To be my steadfast shield and guard against

The wagging tongues of the envious, the malicious, and the spiteful.

Do not let their evil intentions coalesce and rise up against me.

Rather, may Your protecting scythe slice through the miasma of their words,

Rendering them powerless.

Mow down whatever obstacles and deceptions block the Truth,

For You clear all pathways.

My Lady, there is no evil that You cannot vanquish,

No injustice that You cannot redress,

No intractable situation that doesn’t wither when met by Your intercession.

I surrender myself to You.

Viva La Santísima!

La Santa Muerte Verde_Copyright Ana Urosevic

Did you know that La Santa Muerte is also called “La Parca,” Spanish for “The One of Parched Throat”? Pure water is always a choice offering for Her!

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