To La Santa Muerte Verde, a 7th Night of Praise

Night time is the right time to literally sing the praises of my beloved La Santísima in my home temple space. With fresh flowers on the altar and jasmine flower incense burning, with a shot glass filled with top-shelf tequila, tasty dark chocolates, and sweet red apples before Her feet, I stand before La Santa Muerte Verde and publicly offer Her this prayer of praise on this, my seventh night of my novena in Her honor.

Oh Sovereign Lady!

My time in this life is short, departures sudden.

I will behold You sooner or later,

As You, without regard to age or riches,

Claim the old, the young, even the newly born

To come to Your feet at the appointed time.

Until that last day, hour, and second when Your Divine Majesty

Commands me to appear at Your feet,

Grant unto me Your favor

That my life will be well-lived:

Instill in me the love of Truth

Above all things.

Bless me with health,

The true source of all wealth,

And let everything I do to provide for my family flourish.

Help me to overcome every obstacle.

Sweep all illusions and delusions from my path.

As I await the joyful reunion with loved ones

No longer living in this world,

Please, Sacred Death, let me always be a victor in this world.

Safeguard me against all foes, spiritual and physical,

Visible and invisible.

Luz! Luz! Luz!

I stand strong in Your Light,

La Dama Poderosa.

My Protecting Angel!

May You be ever hailed!

Viva La Santísima!



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