To La Santa Muerte Verde, an 8th Night of Praise

La Santa Muerte Verde can be petitioned for matters of justice both personal and collective, from winning a court case or settling other legal disputes to upholding Cosmic Order. In that sense, She is very much on the same frequency as the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at. Matters of social justice in this country that have been brought to the forefront of public consciousness (events from last year in particular) are definitely worthy petitions to bring before the feet of La Santísima. She is ever and always the Champion of the downtrodden and marginalized—those who in some way or another would find themselves drowning in the mainstream without Her aid. Let us pray.

O, Holy Lady Death!

Mother of Might,

Mother of Mercy,

I humbly ask that You shine Your Lamp of Wisdom

And illuminate the minds and hearts

Of all elected officials in this land.

Remind them of who it is, exactly, that they are sworn to serve.

Instill courage into the hearts of all people who adore You

And are ready to receive Your counsel and Your aid.

Grant us freedom from fear of change.

Grant us freedom from fear of the “Other.”

Grant us bravery when we are cast in the role of the “Other.”

Grant us freedom from fear of death;

Let us squarely reckon with our frail mortality without denial or trepidation.

Let us rejoice at the appointed time when we are summoned before You.

We move freely in this world with ease,

Knowing that nothing can stop us

Nor keep us from loving You with all that we are and have.


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