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My day job and my caregiving responsibilities have definitely been eating up my “spare” time as of late, but, thankfully, I was able to set aside a full workday (8+ hours) yesterday for the express purpose of creating new beaded gemstone ritual jewelry pieces to sell on my Etsy site, Jackal Moon Designs!

Tibetan Wonders

I recently had the pleasure of attending an international gem and jewelry expo, the first such trade show in Illinois to serve as a welcome harbinger of COVID’s waning menace in commerce, thank goodness! Whilst at the expo, I came across an amazing vendor from Lhasa, Tibet. I bought from him three stunning masterworks of Tibetan metallurgic craft that I knew I would be able to incorporate into amazing, one-of-a-kind gemstone beaded necklaces.

The first is this stunning depiction of the Buddhist Deity Red Tara in a hefty brass pendant with lapis lazuli, red coral, and turquoise inlay.

Red Tara

The pendant is very pendulum-like and the image of Red Tara (which is rare, the vendor explained, as most depictions of Tara in Tibetan Buddhist art are of White Tara) is gorgeously detailed all the way around.

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Witches’ Toad

The other two Tibetan pieces I had to have from that gem and jewelry show are masterpieces of silver. The first such large, hand-tooled silver pendant is of a massive toad and it features genuine Tibetan turquoise inlay. Note the incredible detail front and back. I knew I would create an homage to the Witches’ companion/familiar of Toad and so I chose dark green and flecked Kumbaba Jasper as the primary gemstone bead. Yellow jasper, bright blue larimar, and turquoise-colored seed beads round out the mix. This is a bold and sassy statement necklace for bold and sassy Witches!

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Hamsa Hand to Avert the Evil Eye

This next pendant, also from Tibet, really amazed me because (a) I have never seen Far Eastern depictions of the Mediterranean magical symbol of the Hamsa Hand (or Hand of Fatima) before; and (b) the intricate yak-bone hand carving inlaid in hand-tooled silver simply took my breath away. The ivory color of the bony Hand made me want to select earthy Botswana agate as the main gemstone bead for the necklace, ranging as it does in color from a rich cream to a warm cocoa. Larimar beads flank the clasp and black onyx beads flank the bone pendant for contrast. The Hamsa Hand / Hand of Fatima is a common example of atropaic magic to be found in the eastern Mediterranean and among both Jewish and Islamic cultures: the symbol protects the wearer against the Evil Eye.

I made the necklace a good 28 inches long on this one.

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Western Mysteries

From symbols of Alchemy and Witchdom to two Deity motifs (Celtic and Neolithic Egyptian), my busy hands created  stunning gemstone beaded necklaces that pay tribute to the Ouroboros, Gothic Witches, the Celtic God Lugh, and the Neolithic Nile Goddess, respectively.

Serpent of Alchemy: The Ouroboros

The very first tattoo I ever wanted etched into my flesh was that of a massive Ouroboros, symbol of eternity. (If you’re curious, it resides between my shoulder blades.) I honestly have never seen an Ouroboros depicted as a pendant before, let alone in such 3D sterling silver, so I knew I had to have it and I decided to pair it with watery-earthy looking faceted African turquoise beads. Baltic amber nuggets flank the pendant and Kumbaba jasper beads flank the no-fuss lobster claw clasp.

What sssssssecretsssss does this serpent whisper to you?

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Black but Anything but “Basic”: Onyx and Snowflake Obsidian Wire-Wrapped Pentagram

I know them. I know you know them. Maybe you are one? You know, the Goth Witches! This stark self-identifier as Witch features shimmering black onyx beads and wire-wrapped snowflake obsidian beads in the actual pentagram. For a slight pop of color and for spiritual protection, I include two purplish Job’s Tears beads (a dried herb I harvested myself in Hawaii).

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Bright and Many-Skilled: The Celtic God Lugh/Lleu

I remember being frustrated in my early days of attending public Pagan rituals back in the late 90s one Lughnasad evening: I was frustrated because the ritual facilitators wanted to completely divorce the Sabbat name from the God after which it is named! How horrid and completely disrespectful, I thought, and I went upon my merry Polytheistic way. The Irish Lugh, one of the famed Tuatha Dé Danann, is a God known for His solar radiance and His extreme versatility/manifold skills and battle prowess (He kills His maternal grandfather, the Fomorian one-eyed Balor, in the Battle of Mag Tuired). His Continental counterpart of Lugus had the Romans equating Him with the God Mercury, also known for His many-skilled ways (with more than a slight hint of Tricksterishness). In the Fourth Branch of the Welsh Mabinogion, we learn of Lleu Llaw Gyffes, He of the Radiant Brow and Long Arm, Who undergoes shamanic-like ordeals that evolve His mastery of magic.

This gorgeously detailed brass pendant of Lugh (it’s even capable of standing up!) comes from Paul Borda Studios and I knew I wanted to have warm and rich Baltic amber nuggets as the predominant beads (with a touch of celestial sky from the two aquamarine beads flanking the pendant). The image of Lugh is so striking: He’s even smiling! This necklace measures 25-and-a-half inches long.

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Ancient Mother: Neolithic Nile Goddess

This is one of the most energetically calming, tranquil pieces I think I’ve ever created. I had this specific Goddess and the Element of Water/Sun Sign of Pisces in mind as I created it. High-grade aquamarine beads cascade in a 25-inch-long necklace with a focal point of a modern reimagining (in sterling silver) of an ancient image: the Nile Goddess of the Neolithic Period (circa 4,000 BCE). 

If you’re into Goddess Spirituality, are a Water Sign person (especially a Pisces), want to strengthen your ties with Water Elementals…then this is the necklace for you! It’s perfect for daily wear (very lightweight) and it lets you unobtrusively announce your Pagan ways: those in the know will “get it,” while the Mundanes will glance and turn away. 

I think a stunning song to play while wearing this in ritual or just meditating at your altar is this tune called “Ancient Mother.” Performed by the acclaimed Robert Bass & On Wings of Song choral ensemble, it has a lilting quality that is very Water-sounding to me. Bathe your energy in it and be at peace!

Hail, Ancient Mother!

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Blessings bright!

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