Big Astrology News: Jupiter Enters Pisces This Week!

Our Big Daddy of the Zodiac is on the move; starting this Thursday, May 13, at 5:36 p.m. Central Standard Time (please adjust to your corner of the world), Jupiter enters the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces. This signals a major shift in the collective consciousness!

A Transit Signaling a Focus from the World of High Tech to a World of High Touch/Inner Realities

Jupiter’s entry into Pisces starts this Thursday and He progresses in the sign until the 29th of July, when He will begin to Retrograde—eventually returning for a stint in Aquarius’ Fixed Air for the duration of the late summer and autumn months.

We have a major Elemental switch as well as a shift in the collective zeitgeist. Jupiter, rounding out His transit in Aquarius, has brought a cerebral (Air) focus to our lives: high-tech and other innovative solutions to improve human welfare in the past year and a half. The Aquarius transit helped accelerate, for example, the COVID vaccine approval and adoption process around the world: Aquarius is interested in achieving the highest good for the greatest number of people. It’s the penultimate humanitarian sign.

Other scientific marvels pursued with Jupiterian zeal pertain to the space race and commercial space flight initiatives (the eventual goal to make space travel a form of leisure…if you can afford it!), robotic expeditions on Mars,  advancements in AI, immunotherapy breakthroughs in cancer research (a keen interest of mine given my day job), and increasing use of renewable/electric energy sources (especially in the automotive industry).


The Elemental switch from Aquarian Air to Piscean Water brings a redirected focus on the well-being of our individual inner lives/inner realities. We turn our attention from the scientific to the mystical and the spiritual. With all the sweeping changes affecting the outer world, how have we been responding internally? Have crises brought the response of sharpening our spiritual sensibilities? Have those inner lives we lead proven to be “more real” to us in a time when benchmarks of outer world stability (stable personal jobs/personal or family incomes and national economies) have crumbled away in the wake of the pandemic?

Outer-world crises that are beyond our control always evoke a collective response of a turning to the spiritual and even the supernatural for comfort or for answers. For example, it’s no coincidence here in the U.S. that as the Civil War raged in the nineteenth century, Spiritualism bloomed. The same was true in England and other European countries in the period between World Wars I and II.

Since Jupiter likes to expand whatever He touches, His transit in Pisces will bring a greater collective awareness to (and even media reporting on) the role of religion in our lives, our personal practices, the credibility of psychic phenomena and spirit encounters, and a sense of heightened personal intuition.

People born with Jupiter in Pisces will really feel a benevolent, rippling-out effect of this transit in their lives, creating a sense of good fortune in whatever House of their natal charts Jupiter in Pisces appears as well as the House Jupiter will be transiting in their charts for the next year and a half. Jupiter-Pisces people who happen to currently work in the religious or nonprofit spheres, philanthropic organizations, etc. will especially attract windfall after windfall opportunities and other markers of growth and “brand awareness” expansion.

Of course, every Sun Sign has its positive and negative poles of energetic expression, so the negative forms of Jupiter in Pisces energy can manifest as religious fundamentalism and substance abuse/addiction issues (people turning to alcohol and drugs to escape). These issues will certainly be making some news headlines.

Planetary Aspects of Thursday’s Transit

This is the snapshot of the sky I’ve taken for Jupiter’s entry into Pisces for Thursday. It’s set from a Chicago perspective, so please adjust the date and time for your time zone accordingly. Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 10.26.30 AM

Right out the gate, Jupiter in Pisces will be forming a loose Trine with Mars transiting Cancer, a Watery placement that has the Warrior Planet in His “fall” position (where a planet is weakest; the opposite of where it would be exalted [for Mars, that is Capricorn]). Nonetheless, this will be a great day for articulating feelings as they affect home and family life (Fourth House) as well as in legal matters, higher education, religion, philosophy, or publishing (all Ninth House vocations). Negotiations/legal proceedings will be equitable and fair-minded.

The stellium of planets in chatty, idea-trafficking Gemini (Venus, North Node, Mercury, Moon) will obtain support from a stabilizing trine to Saturn in Aquarius, deepening and concentrating mental focus and powers of communications. Newly championed ideas will be put to a test for Saturn’s seal of approval.

As He journeys farther into Piscean waters, Jupiter, like Neptune in His home sign of Pisces, will form a sextile with transformational Pluto at 26° of Capricorn. The Neptune-Pluto sextile will be tight on May 13, giving all of us unusually clear insights into power dynamics as well as some memorable dreams. Keep a journal or recording device by your bedside and record those dreams before they dissipate in the light of day! Revelations, and even communiqués from the spirit realm, are heightened. If you’re in a creative profession (especially if you’re a Sun Sign Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio), make great use of this energy! New ideas and an outpouring of creativity are there to harness and shape as you Will.

How Will This Transit Affect You?


If you’re curious as to how this transit will manifest in your own natal chart and which life areas will be designated as “lucky” for you by Jupiter’s entry into Pisces, feel free to contact me at I have a variety of horoscope packages available to suit anyone’s budget, and would love to schedule a Zoom chat to go over the findings of my planetary detective work on your behalf!

Hail and Welcome, Jupiter in Pisces! May you strengthen our collective perception of the Infinity of Life where we are! So Mote It Be!


One thought on “Big Astrology News: Jupiter Enters Pisces This Week!

  1. The year 2020 was not the best year to feel the effects of Jupiter’s reputed beneficience in the way that many of us imagine the Great Benefic might grant favors, opportunities, wealth, social advances, and other expansive or improved
    circumstances. The movements of Jupiter in 2020 were a dance with Saturn, Pluto, and the major asteroid Pallas. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pallas moved into tropical Aquarius in early 2021; Pallas is now in the middle degrees of Pisces, the realm of Her uncle-suitor and antagonist Poseidon. Jupiter’s entrance in tropical Pisces on Fri., May 14, 2021 could signal a more optimistic, compassionate, and friendlier time in society, while a traditional magical astrological time will be when Jupiter transits onto the third and fourth degrees of tropical Pisces.

    The stars that Jupiter passed by in April 2021 were the left shoulder of Aquarius (Sadalsuud), the tail of the Capricorn sea-goat (Deneb Algedi), and the breast (heart) of the swan Cygnus (Sador). During the last week of April and on Beltane, Jupiter conjuncted the star Gienah, the wing of the Celestial Swan Cygnus, favoring creative, inspired, dreamy, nurturing activities and musical or artistic projects. As Jupiter enters tropical Pisces, it will conjunct Enif (1º Pisces), the nose of Pegasus, depicted as flying upside down from our perspective on Earth. It points us to that which has recently passed, time-wise, a reminder that the past creates the future and that planetary retrogrades bring us back to repeat, repair, improve or make anew that which demands attention and completion. Jupiter’s retrograde (June 20 – Oct. 18, 2021) will conjunct Enif and stars of Cygnus, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Equuleus before it becomes prograde and conjuncts them again on its way back to the Pisces region of the sky. This a triple Jupiter pass, swimming in the Water quarter of the zodiacal areas of space. Always have your water wings on, it could be bumpy waves ahead before the calm.


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