Hail and Welcome, Powers of Air: Tomorrow’s Gemini Solar Eclipse/New Moon

Tomorrow morning’s Solar Eclipse (5:53 a.m. Central Daylight Time) at 19° of Gemini is North Node-oriented, calling out a major energy that we should all collectively be evolving towards. In this case, with Venus and Mars in sensitive Cancer forming a trine to expansive Jupiter in mystical Pisces, we are invited to discover how what we communicate can serve the purpose of a Higher Truth. Mercury Retrograde at 20° Gemini, right on top of this eclipse and New Moon energy, asks us to discard long-held and limiting “shadow” beliefs about the world and our role in it.

Acknowledge the Wounds that Surface and Demand Healing

Revise established patterns stemming from old wounds (Venus is squaring Chiron in Aries, which can allow core wounds to bubble up unexpectedly from our unconscious minds into conscious awareness for immediate processing!) of using language to enforce victimhood and blame. In other words, reframe a victimhood-centric, limiting belief of external events of a negative nature happening not “to” you, but “for” you. Acknowledge your agency/responsibility and the empowerment that comes with that agency. Every solar eclipse is an opportunity to hit a Cosmic Refresh button.

Depending on where Gemini falls in your chart (enhanced if you have your planets at or near 19°), you will know which area in your life is ready for that Upgrade! Even if beneficial for you, however, the visceral effects of eclipse energy can be physically destabilizing.

Stay Grounded

Since we only have one of our planets transiting an Earth Sign (Pluto in Capricorn), take time to consciously ground yourself in Earthy ways to offset the literal dizziness this Airy upheaval can cause. Walk barefoot on the earth. Hug a tree. Give yourself permission to take a nap. Even increase your salt intake (but hydrate accordingly in proportion!). Work your crystals and other ambassadors of our Good Mother Earth.

I set my chart from a Chicago perspective, so please adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Stay blessed and blissed!

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