Invocation of Hekate at First Harvest

My ritual partner and I have been co-creating our ritual for the Sabbat of First Harvest, which we’re commemorating this coming Sunday, August 1. We’re Polytheistic Witches, both fervently devoted to Hekate, and I thought I’d share the Invocation to Hekate I’d written. (The full text of the ritual itself will be published to this blog as well, so stay tuned!)

Hekate Invocation

(c) 2021 A. Urošević Applegate

“We invoke Thee, fair Hekate,

Daughter of Perses and Asteria,

Titaness of the Threefold Realm of Earth, Sea, and Sky,

Revered above all the Ancient Powers by

Olympos-dwelling Zeus Himself!

With pleasing eyes and a gladdened heart, 

Smile upon us, Your mortal Witches

Gathered before You at this turning o’ the Wheel of the Year!

Ela, Khthonia!

Ela, Phosphoros!

Ela, Propylaia!

Bless our eyes to receive Thy sight;

Bless our ears to receive Thy counsel; 

Bless our lips to ever sing praises of Thee,

Torchbearing Lady of the Crossroads!

In heartfelt devotion, we kneel and beseech Thee:

Be with us in our sacred celebration of First Harvest!

Hail and Welcome, Mighty Hekate!”

Hekate doll handmade by the awesome Etsy shop, My Little Baphomet!

I like to think this ritual meets with Her approval! 🙂

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