“Proud to be a Virgo”: A Poem

“Proud to be a Virgo”

By Ana Urošević Applegate (c) 2021

Virgo, Virgo,

That is me!

Industrious and orderly

Finding flaws so plain to see

Accepting praise so modestly

Virgo, Virgo

Sweet as a peach

Sharpened wit

And poignant speech

Ever-patient and

Eager to teach

‘Cause flaws in grammar make me screech!

Virgo, Virgo

Fond of well-planned-in-advance fun

Boorish folk

I’ll gladly shun

Quest for perfection’s never done

At self-critiquing,

I’m Number One!

Virgo, Virgo

Analytical and wise

No detail evades

My eagle eyes

Try a coordinated wardrobe

On for size

Please organize your suits and ties!

Virgo, Virgo

Trusted friend

Loyal to the very end

Vitamins and health foods

I recommend

Have a glass of wheatgrass!

You’ll be on the mend!

Virgo, Virgo

That is me

Brainy and yet so earthy

Reading books voraciously

But time outdoors sets my soul free

Love your Virgins, everyone!

We work hard until the day is done

Be of service, and you, too,

Will come to say:

“I’ve made a difference in someone’s day!”

The Sun Enters the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo at 4:35 p.m. CDT Today

This solar transit for the next four weeks is an excellent time to get your life organized, focus on ways to improve your physical health, and engage in volunteer activities. We’re stronger together!

Virgo asks us to focus on the pragmatic application of what we’ve begun to harvest in our lives.

Hail, Harvest Mother!

Blessings of vibrant health, boundless joy, prosperity, and peace to all my fellow Virgins (including Rising Sign and Moon Sign Virgos) and our families and friends! XOXO

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